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12 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 43 A er almost 18 years in the Marine Corps Grant Bourne was re red early for medical reasons. Having served as a helicopter mechanic, he told us: "he just felt lost". Once re red he worked a couple of different jobs and traveled a bit in between. In 2017 he decided to once again a end the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. During this trip he realized how much he missed the road and could not wait to get back on the saddle again. Having struggles with mental and physical health issues and had been suicidal in the past, Grant decided to figure out a way to try to make the world a be er place while filling the desire to travel and explore this Great Na on. A er trying therapy with mixed success he realized that his therapy was riding and helping others. Grant had only started riding at 31 years old, but in the last seven years Grant has ridden over 200,000 miles! The re red Gunnery Sergeant is indeed no stranger to the road! Since re ring, Grant moved in with his girlfriend in Valley Center, California, and they recently celebrated their two-year anniversary this past July. A er talking with each other and loved ones in their close circle, a plan started to be formed. On January first, with his girlfriends full support and the support of their families, Grant jumped on his 2018 Harley Davidson Road King to start a 100,000 mile journey to raise awareness for suicide and suicide preven on. His goal? 10,000 miles per month to accomplish his goal by the end of this year and as of August 31st he has ridden over 82,000 miles, a ended 16 American Founda on for Suicide Preven on events, and mul ple motorcycle rallies all while spreading the word about how suicide is the tenth leading cause of death, yet 100% preventable. "There is definitely a Spiritual connec on that we all have" Grant said. A er dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorder, I tried medica on, I tried no medica on but then I realized the best thing for me to do is: "FIND A PURPOSE IN THE WORLD AND DO IT." "Find your purpose" Grant con nued, "life is hard enough as it is. Our kiddo is only nine years old and has already experienced bullying! Many kids are bullied between the ages of 14 and 25 and many contemplate suicide." Grant con nues his journey with the support of his family, friends, sponsors and individuals like you. We asked Grant if he could recall of a me when he met someone that has stuck with him. He men oned that he has met many amazing people that have come out on top from incredible situa ons. He then told us an amazing story about an incredibly strong individual he met at an AFSP walk in Florida. This gentleman told him how he had had a shotgun in his mouth, pulled the trigger and ended up causing massive damage to part of his face, yet he lived. A er many surgeries, plenty of physical therapy, and con nued mental health counseling he has been able to resume a new "normal" life. With his wife right by his side, they told Grant the story of stressors in By Peter Kaye 12 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 43

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