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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 10 Issue 2 | 7 Our mission is: To educate and entertain the motorcycle enthusiast, promote motorcycle riding through media with a motorcycle magazine that has a posi ve message and worthy to be read by all, free from content that is offensive while glorifying God. e d i t o r ' s S A D D L E EDITOR'S SADDLE Because the sinful desires are opposite with the Spirit, and naturally the Spirit opposite with the sinful desires. Those two militate one the other, and because of this you do not do, that which you would want to do. ~ Contemporary Greek Transla on In every believer's heart there is a constant struggle between the old nature and the new. The old nature is very ac ve, and loses no opportunity of plying all the weapons of its deadly armory against newborn grace; while on the other hand, the new nature is ever on the watch to resist and destroy its enemy. Grace within us with employ prayer, and faith, and hope, and love, to cast out the evil; it takes unto it the 'whole armor of God', and wrestles earnestly. These two opposing natures will never cease to struggle so long as we are in this world. The ba le of 'Chris an' with 'Apollyon' lasted three hours, but the ba le of Chris an with himself lasted all the way from the WicketGate to the river Jordan. The enemy is so securely entrenched within us that he can never be driven out while we are in this body: but although we are easily troubled, and o en in sore conflict, we have an Almighty helper, even Jesus, the Captain of our salva on, who is ever with us, and who assures us that we shall eventually come off more than conquerors through Him. With such assistance the newborn nature is more than a match for its foes. Are you figh ng with the adversary today? Are Satan, the world, and the flesh, all against you? Be not discouraged, nor dismayed. Fight on! For God Himself is with you; Jehovah-Nissi is your banner, and Jehovah-Rophi is the healer of your wounds. Fear not, you shall overcome, for who can defeat Omnipotence? Fight on, 'looking unto Jesus'; and though long and stern be the conflict, sweet will be the victory, and glorious the promised reward. 'From strength to strength go on; Wrestle, and fight, and pray, Tread all the powers of darkness down, And win the well – fought day.' ~ C.H. Spurgeon Honor God, love your woman, and fight the good fight. Peter "Spartan" Kaye FOR THE FLESH LUSTS AGAINST THE SPIRIT AND THE SPIRIT AGAINST THE FLESH (GALATIANS 5:17) Wheels Of Grace MaGazine PUBLISHER: Grace Rider Magazine Inc. CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: Peter Kaye CONTRIBUTING ASSISTANT EDITOR: Stacy Kaye ASSOCIATE DIGITAL EDITORS: Rob Thompson / Lauren Hopkins / Kaylee Thompson GRAPHIC DESIGN: Angela Russo ADMINISTRATION: Stacy Kaye, Janet Landry, Tianna Palumbo PRISON MINISTRY: WOG Prison Ministry Team WRITERS: Mike Stewart, Peter Kaye, Ben Feuerherd, Gina Daidone, Natalie Musumeci, Gary Gastelu, David Goodhue, Gary Gastelu, Mallory Locklear, Engadget, Biker George HSMM, Axle Addict, Pastor Marty Edwards, Kevin & Mary of DK Custom, Doc Louviere, Clint Van Hooser, Kimmy Cruz, Donna & Clint Van Hooser, Maria Schoeberl, Sean Barulli, Jason A., WOG Prison Ministry in Hemet, CA and in Shillington, PA PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION: David Gallegos, Steven Key (Key Family Photography), Ermess , Panitan Kanchanwong, Okanak Deniz, Olek Sandr, Maryn Chenko, Mihoc Photo, Neydt Stock SUBSCRIPTIONS & ADVERTISING: (951) 777-0503 / info@WheelsOfGrace.com ON THE COVER EAST COAST: PO Box 270239 Tampa FL 33688 WEST COAST: PO Box 892408 Temecula CA 92589 Tel: 951.777.0503 Email: info@WheelsOfGrace.com For more information log on to: www.WheelsOfGrace.com We do not make our mailing list available to other companies. The content in Wheels Of Grace magazine is intended to inform and entertain today's motorcycle enthusiast. Wheels Of Grace magazine welcomes your letters, comments, photos and articles and we handle them fairly. We cannot be responsible for unsolicited material. We reserve the right to refuse readership, advertising and distribution to anyone under our liberty of conscience protected by the First Amendment. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of Wheels Of Grace, it's Board of Directors, Grace Rider Magazine Inc. it's staff, volunteers and affiliates. We do not accept anti-Patriotic and any anti-Biblical material. Please make sure to include your name and address with all submissions and if you would like material returned: please include a SASE and send to Wheels Of Grace. EAST COAST: PO Box 270239 Tampa FL 33688 WEST COAST: PO Box 892408, Temecula CA 92589 or send email to: info@WheelsOfGrace.com. Copyright 2002 – 2018 © | All Rights Reserved Designed and Printed in the USA BIKE: 2012 H-D STREET GLIDE OWNER: SEAN BARULLI CREDIT CORRECTION LET IT BE KNOW THAT, IN OUR PREVIOUS EDITION WE MISSED GIVING CREDIT TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER AND WRITER MS. SARAH NICOLE PEREZ OF THE GOD & COUNTRY ARTICLE.

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