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12 ista views • May 2018 • ISTA Technical Update The 2018 Resource Book should be in your hands by now and you will notice that there were technical updates to a few protocols. One of the protocols which saw changes in March of 2018 was ISTA 3A. The desire to incorporate these changes in the 2018 Resource Book led to a slightly latter ship date of the book than previous years so thank you for your patience on getting these to you. Also seeing changes in 2018 were both ISTA Boxing & ISTA In Own Container (SIOC). Due to these tests being early in the Project phase, they currently are only available in electronic form rather than printed in the Resource Book. For a full summary of the protocols which underwent technical changes, editorial changes or both as well as details on the changes, be sure to visit the Procedures Changes page at under Testing. Procedure Updates ISTA 3A, ISTA Boxing & ISTA Ships in Own Container (SIOC) ISTA's method to indicate the most recent technical changes and additions throughout its protocols is to highlight the change in grey. Additionally a "∆" is placed in the left hand margin to indicate the most recent technical changes and a "O" is placed the left hand margin to indicate the most recent technical additions. You will find an example of this system utilized in ISTA Procedure 3A. Reminder: Symbols Indicating Most Recent Change Getting involved with ISTA's Technical community is a great way to not only ensure you're staying connected to the most current information out there but provide influence over the technical matters that impact the Packaging Industry. If you would like to contribute to ISTA and the Packaging industry by volunteering, ISTA's Test Series Group (TSG) is a great place to start. The TSG is ISTA's consensus body responsible for voting on proposed new ISTA Test Protocols, technical revisions to existing and reaffirmation of existing ISTA Protocols as well as the addition & termination of TSG members. To ensure balance and openness, involvement in the TSG is open to ISTA members and non-members. If have interest in ISTA's TSG, please submit the TSG Membership Request Form found on under Testing/Procedure Changes. If you would like more information about the group, please contact Eric Hiser at Get Involved! ISTA's Test Series Group (TSG) New tests, those which are in their first years of implementation, are closely monitored and subject to more frequent change. These tests are called Projects. Once a test has been in the public domain for several years and is no longer in the implementation phase, its status is moved to Procedure by the ISTA Technical Division. Most ISTA tests are Procedures and the testing methodology changes less frequently. What's the difference between an ISTA Test Procedure and an ISTA Test Project? QUESTION ANSWER Eric Hiser ISTA Vice President - Technical If you would like to contribute to ISTA and the packaging industry by volunteering, the ISTA Test Series Group (TSG) is a great place to start. Δ–Mostrecenttechnicalchange(s) Ο–Mostrecenttechnicaladdition(s)

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