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12 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 40 Wind Therapy By: Dave "Road Sage" Dildine Ge ng into motor- cycles I learned quickly the diff- erence between bikes and cars. No, I am not talking about the obvious differences, but the differences in sensi vity to condi ons. Things you might neglect on a car will get you in serious danger on a bike. For instance, I had been told to always put higher octane fuel in my bikes which I did faithfully un l one day I forgot. The bike suddenly had no power and I thought a plug had gone bad. Finding myself on Los Angeles freeways with a bike that wouldn't run right is a mistake I never made again. Once I filled it with the proper gas it came back to life. Bikes are extremely sensi ve to fuel quality, re pressure, oil condi on, re tread and many other maintenance factors that are not quite as life threatening in a car. Our spiritual life is more like that of our bike's than of our car's. Our walk or ride with God is much more sensi ve and needs constant maintenance. Now before I get into this message too deep I want to explain two factors in our spiritual walk. They are our "posi on" and our "condi on." As far as our "posi on" is concerned, if we have accepted Christ as our Savior, our posi on is forever with Christ. There is nothing we can do to lose our posi on. We get eternal life and we are kept by the Grace of Jesus. Our condi on however changes constantly. It refers to our a tude as we go through our day. How close are we staying to God throughout our day. A cage cuts you off while on your bike, your condi on will probably change. We get How is the "condition" of your ride? How is the "condition" of your ride? CUSTOM PATCHES FOR YOUR M/M, MC OR RIDING GROUP CALL OR EMAIL FOR YOUR SAMPLE TODAY! (317) 627-0117 tshizas@aol.com USE CODE: WOG2018 CUSTOM PATCHES FOR YOUR M/M, MC OR RIDING GROUP

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