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10 | WheelsOfGrace.com | Issue 40 Mail from the Road Send your feedback to: Info@WheelsOfGrace.com Good Afternoon, when we spoke at the FAITH Riders National Rally, you mentioned that you could send me the entire article regarding the 3 patch clubs. Is this still something that can be done? Thank you and God Bless. Dave, El Paso, TX WOG: Hi Dave, in response to your question, we will begin publishing the articles with the next issue that will be out in May 2018. Previously, the History of the Three Piece Patch was a nine part series and aside from updating it and adding new material we are trying to keep it at a six parts. We thought we would be able to make it happen in one issue, but we did not. So sit tight Dave, it's coming! Thank you for your patience and your support, may the Lord bless you! Wheels Of Grace Burn Rubber Not Your Soul! Hey Peter, first of all love your magazine and thank you for the feature. To answer all your questions, the model was a 2017 Indian Roadmaster... Nicholas Jewel, Fleming Island, FLHoleshot Powersports Service manager Good morning Peter. Got the Mags over the weekend. Ya'll do amazing work. Can't wait till we can be a part of the mag. Thanks. Michael Priest, Athens, TN I sure miss getting my Wheels Of Grace mag! I proudly wear my tat and tell all who ask about it. Miss ya Peter. You were a good bro to me. I learned a lot from you. Next time you're in Texas msg me. I would love to hang out again. Nicholas Johnson, Mount Pleasant, TX What would I have to do to get my bikes in your magazine? Tom Henderson, Center Point, AL WOG: Hey Tom, it looks like we missed this message. Can you send me a pic of each bike? Email to: Peter@WOGMag. com, thank you Hey Pete check out the pin on my vest - representing WOG. Joe Scalia, Ft Lauderdale, FL airline pilot's Cockpit at 30,000 feet Therapists Ofc Waiting room, fL YOU FIND WHEELS OF GRACE IN SOME OF THE USUAL AND THE MOST UNUSUAL PLACES! atlanta H-D, Ga BSHDfC Booth Connecticut F.A.I.T.H Riders Booth Daytona, fL Bike Week pastor's Bike Wyoming Helfighters Booth Sturgis, South Dakota Hellfighters Bike Shop mississippi Shocco Springs, alabama SUBSCRIBE TO GET YOUR MAGAZINE TODAY OR PICK IT UP AT ONE OF THE 239 LOCATIONS

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