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20 years ago hardly anyone talked about energy, chakra's, meridians, aura's, metaphysical or spiritualism. Today it is hard not to be exposed to some form of "energy" conversa on. Pet parents are far more savvy these days. With Dr. Google available and the Amazon pharmacy, people are inundated with massive amounts of informa on and resources. What is happening though, people are looking up answers to symptoms and trea ng the symptoms not the root cause. True energy medicine is directed at finding the imbalance that lead to the symptom and trea ng the root cause. We meet certain people and say "I love their energy", but what is energy and where does it come from? Fact: Our bodies (along with animals and all of nature) are ma er. Ma er is made of atoms. Atoms are energy generators and radiate energy fields. Atoms emit light and absorb light. We (and all ma er) emit energy. Fact: Every atom also vibrates at a unique frequency, delivering informa on to the other cells. Fact: Energy can be disrupted by chemicals, pes cides, hormones, EMF (cell phones and WiFi), stress and nega ve thinking! Cells work together by communica ng through vibra onal frequency. Imagine tuning into a radio sta on. When the signal is strong, you get good recep on. But when the signal gets weak or interrupted, there is sta c and poor recep on. When the recep on gets poor, communica on breaks down. This is what happens in the body when cells get off their normal vibra onal frequency, they can no longer communicate effec vely with the other cells and dis-ease results. Energy travels through meridians. Similar to how blood is pumped around the body through blood vessels, meridians carry energy through channels. These amazing energy pathways bridge the mind, body and spirit. Chakras are energy centers that encode and process physical, mental, emo onal and spiritual experiences. They bath the organs in energy as well. The aura surrounds the body, a rac ng beneficial energies and helps process necessary nutrients from the environment, like sunlight. The aura also helps us harmonize with the magne c fields of the earth. It too impacts physical, emo onal, and spiritual health. Energy Medicine includes all concepts of energy: light, sound, electro-magne sm, body, mind and spirit. It includes the 5 energy bodies: spiritual, mental, emo onal, etheric and physical. Energy prac oners work in all the energy bodies when doing healing work. Fact or Fiction Energy Medicine Page 32 | Abby's Magazine -

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