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High-Energy Increase With Chiropractic Care Dr. Dan Durrieu Family Health Chiropractic 5015 W. Waters Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33634 PH. 813-882-8181 Your most important and valuable asset is the amount of energy your body can produce. Do you feel like everyone around you is living their lives in the fast lane, moving past you as you drag through the day? Even if you increase your rest and increase your caffeine, you just cannot shake that feeling of fa gue. Everyone has a certain energy poten al for any given day so do not waste a drop. Stress and other distrac ons can easily deplete your energy and cause your body to feel drained. Your thoughts, ac ons and decisions you make in regards to your health, rela onships, business, exercise, diet, emo onal reac ons and achievements either posi vely or nega vely impacts your energy. When you get super excited about your work or life have you ever no ced how your energy soars? Commi ng to things that ma er to you helps you connect to your innate energy. This increases your efforts and ability which gives you the momentum to change your life. Everyday thoughts will either support or undermine your Innate energy. Distancing yourself from things and situa ons that deplete and fa gue you can help increase your energy. What may be an energy drainer for one person may be an energy enhancer for another. Focus on the things that energize you. The commitment you make to change gives you instant energy. Do not forget to regain health and healing to your nervous system that also picks up the energy drainers. One of the most common problems in the nervous system from energy drainers and fa gue is subluxa ons. This brings an instant imbalance to the spinal column. When your spine is misaligned, it throws your en re body out of whack. Your posture is nega vely affected and the weight of your body is distributed unequally, forcing your body to work extra hard to keep everything upright. This may not seem like a big deal, but over me even the smallest imbalance adds up to hours of overexerted and wasted energy. The nervous system plays an important role in your energy levels. Energy flows through your nerves and your nerves distribute the energy throughout your body. When your spine is aligned properly, your nervous system keeps the flow of energy balanced. When your spine is misaligned it causes pressure on your nerves interfering with energy flow. The result is that constant feeling of fa gue that makes it difficult to get through the day. A quick exam and adjustment by a chiropractor may be all you need to re-energize your life. Receiving a chiroprac c adjustment reposi ons your spine, allowing energy to flow freely throughout your body. This balance and release is a natural way to effec vely improve your overall health and energy. Page 26 | Abby's Magazine - Abby's Magazine - Volume 6 Issue 2 | Page 27

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