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The human body is a paragon of perfect balance and homeostasis, with an inner environment of 100 trillion cells kept in perfect balance to give as life and health. There are several parameters the human body needs with very precise ranges. Below are 5 of the most important: • Glucose between 8–110 (˂ hypoglycemia ≥ diabetes) • Blood Pressure 120–140/80-90 (≤ hypotension (dizziness) ≥ hypertension • Temperature 98.6–100 (≤ hypothyroidism ≥ fever) • Oxygen level: pa O2≥95% (≤ hypoxia) • PH 7.85-7.45 (≤ chronic pain ≥ throbbing pain (inflammation) For our life & health, balance is created by giving the body the essential elements it needs for health & removing the The Elements of Life stressors, toxicity & unhealthy elements that throw us out of balance, out of homeostasis and into disease. If we look closer, we can learn how to preserve and extend the precious life-force within us, and what elements our bodies need to thrive, not just survive. This magazine issue takes a pro-health approach to longevity and wellness and is in alignment with new breakthroughs in physics, biophysics, and biology. This pro-health approach puts you in the driver's seat as pro-active and responsible for your own health. This is opposed to the anti-sickness approach of modern medicine that views health as simply an absence of disease, and makes you a helpless patient or victim needing to be fixed if something goes wrong. Our bodies have an innate intelligence that knows how to sustain, maintain, and create perfect health if the right elements are introduced into your body while the "wrong" elements are eliminated and removed. Learn the five essential elements the human body needs for optimal health. The first four essential elements may be obvious, but the 5th element of health might surprise you as being essential. It's that 5th element that this magazine issue is primarily dedicated to, but all of these elements work together to enliven and innervate your amazing holographic and energetic human body. Abby's Magazine - Volume 6 Issue 2 | Page 11

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