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IMAGINE GETTING THE BENEFIT OF A WHOLE GROWING SEASON IN ONE TABLET! Whole Earth & Sea ® Whole Food Supplements from Natural Factors From a simple seed, planted in the ground with a little water, nutrients from the soil, and a whole lot of energy from the sun, comes the wholesome nutrition that sustains our lives. The 100% organic, non-GMO, nutrient-rich plants grown on Natural Factors farms are harvested at their peak and immediately raw processed at our own facilities, using our proprietary EnviroSimplex® method to retain the vital bioenergetic vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. These fresh organic, non-GMO ingredients are used in our Whole Earth & Sea supplements. Multivitamin & Mineral Supplements The bioenergetic Whole Earth & Sea formulas are the next generation of whole food supplements, delivering raw, whole food nutrition with real health benefits. Whole Earth & Sea provides age- and gender-specific multivitamin and mineral supplements: Women's, Women's 50+, Men's, and Men's 50+. The vitamins and minerals come primarily from Farm Fresh Factors™ and other plant sources. Farm Fresh Factors is a concentrated source of active vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, whole fruit ultra polyphenols, herbals and plants, and whole plant sea vegetables. Many of the nutrient-rich plants are grown on Natural Factors certified organic, non-GMO farms. Whenever possible, food sources such as sunflower (vitamin E), natto (vitamin K2), algae (calcium), lichen (vitamin D3), kelp (iodine), and sprouted garlic (selenium) are used. Each tablet contains 200 grams of Farm Fresh Factors processed using our EnviroSimplex technology. Proprietary EnviroSimplex processing keeps the temperature below 118°F (48°C), resulting in raw nutrition that captures all the vibrant energy and goodness of nature. Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bar Also available under the Whole Earth & Sea line is the delicious Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bar! This bar is 100% gluten free, organic, non-GMO, and kosher – and it doesn't sacrifice one bit of flavor. This convenient, deliciously satisfying bar is covered in antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. Each bar has 15 g of high-quality vegan protein, making it an excellent choice for between-meal or post-workout snacking. The easy-to-digest plant- based protein (from brown rice, buckwheat, peanut butter, and chia) conveniently boosts protein intake without needing to consume animal products, soy, dairy, or gluten. In addition to protein, the Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bar is packed with green superfoods, including wheat and barley grass juice, spirulina, and broccoli sprouts. It also contains dates, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, is an excellent source of fiber, providing 9 g of fiber or 36% of the daily value (DV), and a good source of iron (15% of the DV). A healthier alternative to bars loaded with artificial flavors and calories, the naturally sweetened formula helps keep you satisfied and energized between meals. Learn more about the next generation of whole food supplements at! Page 2 | Abby's Magazine -

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