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THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL | 1 FEATURE 2 IT BUDGETS: MORE STAGNANT OR MORE EFFICIENT? By Jeffrey R Clark Despite expectations of breakout growth, particularly after the Great Recession, IT spending has remained flat. What makes this fact particularly surprising is the expanding role that IT plays in nearly every industry. But another equally important question is whether flat IT budgets are even undesirable. Could it be that rather than being a problem, the lack of IT-spending growth indicates that something is going right in IT? The answers to these questions may be more intertwined than they seem. 8 HOW VENDORS AND CONSULTANTS FILL THE VOID FOR DATA CENTER OPERATORS By Brian Durham and Richard Dennis It's easy to argue that in the mission-critical data center industry, no group works under greater pressure with fewer resources than facility operations. All day and all year, this group is ultimately accountable for ensuring the facility stays online while juggling upgrades, capacity- planning support, budgeting, community relations and business-development tours (to name a few). 12 DATA CENTER TALENT: DOING MORE WITH LESS By Jeffrey R Clark As the cloud, automation, artificial intelligence and similar technologies change the data center landscape, a natural result is a changing employment landscape. Particularly since these changes are ongoing, employees may quickly find their skills out of date, and employers may find talent in a given area difficult to find. Moreover, as companies outsource IT applications to the cloud, the need for hardware-level IT talent declines. Yet IT remains critical to the business. 22 A NEW SECURITY FOCUS: DOING MORE WITH LESS By Matt Little If there's one thing to be learned from the ongoing parade of catastrophic data breaches in recent years, it's that no wall is ever high enough. No matter how much you invest in physical security and network protection, someone will eventually get through. In fact, the more valuable your data, the more certain you can be that data thieves or foreign agents will break through your perimeter. 18 MORE CAPACITY AT ANY COST? NOT THESE DAYS By Bo Bond Record-breaking mergers and acquisitions (M&A)? Check. Game-changing new facility technology? Affirmative. So far, 2017 has all the trappings of another interesting year for data center real estate, as providers step up their strategies to meet unflagging consumer demand for data services—while simultaneously building in new business value. 26 RECLAIMING LOST CAPACITIES IN YOUR DATA CENTER By Oliver Lindner As modern data center operations quickly evolve past traditional design planning, the perfectly optimized utilization of IT resources becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. Varying life-cycle profiles of ICT assets, technical developments and facilities create a continuous gap, resulting in lost capacities. All rights reserved. No portion of DATA CENTER Journal may be reproduced without written permission from the Executive Editor. The management of DATA CENTER Journal is not responsible for opinions expressed by its writers or editors. We assume that all rights in communications sent to our editorial staff are unconditionally assigned for publication. All submissions are subject to unrestricted right to edit and/or to comment editorially. AN EDM2R ENTERPRISES, INC. PUBLICATION ALPHARETTA, GA 30022 PHONE: 678-762-9366 FAX: 866-708-3068 | WWW.DATACENTERJOURNAL.COM DESIGN : NEATWORKS, INC., JOHNS CREEK GA 30022 TEL: 678-392-2992 | WWW.NEATWORKSINC.COM

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