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Is Data Center Airflow Still a Mystery? By Jose ruiz Is data center airflow still a mystery? To be blunt, only if you let it be. Although not everyone who operates a data center is a physicist or expert in fluid dynamics, they do have access to a variety of products that do the heavy lifting. Despite this plethora of available tools to help you identify areas in your data center that are hot enough to smelt metal, a romp through any number of "mission critical" facilities will uncover a healthy complement of empty metal racks being bathed in the cool breezes delivered from the perforated tiles surrounding them. Since many readers will be "shocked…shocked" that this level of optimum-airflow apostasy still exists in many shrines to compute and storage, it's helpful to examine how and why many of our data center peers remain in a state of "airflow mystification." 14 | THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL

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