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24 ista views • July 2017 • Vibration Analysis of Motor Coach Buses Used in the Transport of Goods > CONTINUED FROM PAGE 22 and air PSD profiles, however the average intensity of the motor coach bus vibration exceed the other vehicle profiles between 10-12 Hz. This variation in vehicle vibration could have packaged product design implications when compared to the high intensity peaks of the other vehicle types that occurs in the 2-4 Hz range. 4. Conclusions Motor coach buses exhibit a different vibration response than the traditional shipping vehicles of truck, rail car, and airplane as characterized by the seed data for ISTA 4AB. Through this research, a thorough characterization of a motor coach bus vibration environment was obtained. The vibration response of a motor coach bus is overall less intense than truck, airplane, and train shipping methods as characterized in the seed data for ISTA 4AB. The exception to this occurs within the 10-12 Hz range. In the 10-12 Hz range, motor coach buses exhibit a higher average intensity of vehicle vibration than any of the other vehicle types in this comparison. This vibration intensity should be carefully considered when designing a packaged product for shipping via motor coach bus. References Bhatt, Kushal Mukesh. "Mobile Pickup Locations." U.S Patent No. 20,150,227,882. 13 August 2015. Forest Product Laboratory: U.S. Department of Agriculture. "An Assessment of the Common Carrier Shipping Environment". General Technical Report FPL 22. Forest Service. 1979. ISTA. International Safe Transit Association Resource Book. Test Procedure 4AB: Packaged-Products for Shipping in Known Distribution Channels. 2017. Kipp, William I "From Vibration Field Recordings to Laboratory Simulations: Data Organization, Analysis, and Test Creation." Field Data Workshop II. International Safe Transit Association. East Lansing, MI. 2009. 0 5 10 15 20 25 Percent Event Intensity (grms) Figure 8: Percentage distribution of Overall grms levels 1.E-08 1.E-07 1.E-06 1.E-05 1.E-04 1.E-03 1.E-02 1.E-01 1 10 100 PSD (g 2 /Hz) Frequency (Hz) Truck - Steel Spring Truck - Air Ride Rail - Boxcar Aircraft - Jet Motor Coach Figure 9: Comparison of motor coach composite envelope PSD profile ISTA 4AB seed data PSD profiles. Frequency (Hz) 1 2 7 10 12 16 18 21 31 39 43 92 200 PSD (g2/Hz) 0.0005000 0.0003000 0.0001000 0.0150000 0.0150000 0.0002000 0.0002000 0.0009000 0.0000020 0.0000020 0.0000150 0.0000700 0.0000001 Table 2: Specific break points used to construct composite envelope PSD for motor coach.

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