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When a technical change occurs, ISTA will accept testing that was done according to the last published version for 12 months (one year) after the technical change was published. After this one year grace period expires, testing done to the previously published version will no longer be accepted. Additionally, this acceptance of old test results only applies to the version date immediately preceding the most current technical published version date and does not apply to other older version dates. In the example of ISTA 3E, a technical change was published on April of 2017 and therefore ISTA will accept testing results from the last publish version date of January 2009 as well as the April 2017 version through April of 2018. New and revised tests are available to members at the ISTA Member Center; non-members may purchase new tests through the E-Market. New versions may supersede those in the Resource Book. Keep up to date with changes by checking the ISTA website. "I recently had my packaged-product tested to ISTA 3E but now I see that a new version of ISTA 3E was just published; are my results still accepted by ISTA?" QUESTION ANSWER 16 ista views • July 2017 • ISTA Technical Update Eric Hiser ISTA Vice President - Technical Compression - The vehicle and warehouse compression formulas were combined into one enhanced formula which now accounts for a broader range of real world warehouse and vehicle stacking scenarios. - The exception for warehouse compression where if the unitized load was stacked for 48 hours or less then warehouse compression was to be omitted has been removed from the test procedure. All stacking durations are now evaluated. - To more closely replicate real world conditions, a pallet is to be placed on top of the unitized load during the compression testing sequence. Shock - The rotational edge drop height was moved from a fixed height to variable based upon weight. This change references studies and industry test procedures, such as ISTA 3B, which have been conducted since 3E's inception. - Incline Impact & Horizontal Impact speeds were increased from 42 inch per second to 48 inch per second. This change references studies and industry test procedures, such as ISTA 3B, which have been conducted since 3E's inception. TECHNICAL April 2017 ISTA 3E Similar Packaged-Products in Unitized Loads for Truckload Shipment TECHNICAL April 2017 Title, Scope and Preface were enhanced to reduce confusion on intent of the testing procedure and improve consistency across ISTA test procedures & projects. TECHNICAL April 2017 Utilizing ISTA's consensus body approach, several ISTA procedures recently underwent technical and editorial revisions. Be sure to visit ISTA's website for the most up-to-date information. TAKE NOTE: Important 2017 Procedure Changes 3E REVISIONS NOT INCLUDED IN 2017 RESOURCE BOOK continued...

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