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Monty Van Horn was working long shi s helping build and repair Bradley Figh ng Vehicles for the U.S. Army, smoking two packs of cigare es a day and polishing off nearly a dozen beers a night, when everything changed. "I was living the dream – my wife and I had 35 acres, bon fires and beer. I was working in Fort Hood, making good money and life was good," Van Horn recalls. "I was doing a Bible study course – something I'd always enjoyed – I finished the course, and there was a piece of paper that said: for twenty-five dollars, I could be a preacher. I opened up a beer and I laughed about it. I'm smoking a Marlboro and drinking my beer, and I told God, 'if I'm supposed to take this serious, take this (vice) from me.' I went to work the next day and when I got home, I opened up the refrigerator to get a beer like I always did, but for some reason I didn't want one. I always had a box of Marlboro reds in my pocket, and just then I realized that I also had not smoked a cigare e. A er that, I was scared not to send in the preacher applica on. I told my wife Tammy everything. She was raised Pentecostal, so she was excited and started doing the Pentecostal dance. 'OK, OK, I'll send it in' I replied to her and I did. Everything has been all about God, ever since that day. That was December of 2000." Now, Pastor Monty leads Van Horn Ministries and the Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church on West Main Street in Gatesville, Texas. The congrega on averages around 60, although there have been Sundays where up to 100 bikers and non-bikers crowded into the modest worship facility near the intersec on with FM 116. The church was designed with bikers in mind, but anyone is welcome to a end. Less than half the ac ve membership actually rides motorcycles. "As far as the one-percent/outlaw bike clubs, we don't have any of those," said Van Horn, who is the proud owner of a Harley- Davison Ultra Classic with matching sidecar. "I have quite a few members who have had a really rough life. Former addicts, some that you would never think they'd be doing what they are doing now. Working with the law, instead of breaking the law. I don't care who you are or where you've been or what you're doing, everybody is welcome here. I'm not going to sugarcoat God's message" Van Horn con nues, "I'm going to preach the truth. But nobody is going to judge you. We will show you the love of Jesus Christ." Van Horn was born and raised in Indiana, stepson of a construc on worker who moved around the state a lot. He never rode motorcycles as a kid, but always wanted one. The dream finally came true a er he graduated high school in 1980 and joined the U.S. Army, where he spent the next 12 years. "It's just always been in my blood," Van Horn explained. "I wanted one my senior year of high school. I almost had it paid for, too, and then I got laid off from my job. A er I joined the Army, I got a Honda CB 750 custom from my ex-wife's uncle in Odessa, Texas, and rode it back to Fort Polk, Louisiana. It was great." Highway 2 HEAVEN By Monty Van Horn 16 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 34

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