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17 ista views • December 2016 • Amazon Packaging Certification Guidelines In October Amazon launched their global Amazon Packaging Certification Guidelines. Below are a few highlights of the intent of the guidelines. Amazon's mission is to provide their customers with minimal, protective and functional packaging. By partnering with their vendors to achieve these goals, Amazon created Packaging Certification Guidelines to improve sustainability and drive innovations to improve the customer experience, decrease the environmental impact of consumption, lower supply chain costs and unlock additional selection. This three-tiered packaging certification program includes: Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP), Ships-in-Own-Container (SIOC), and Amazon Prep-Free Packaging (PFP). Both FFP and SIOC classifications are evaluated against ISTA test protocol with the ISTA 6- Boxing testing protocol used for the PFP certification. Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) Frustration-Free Packaging is the gold standard of Amazon's packaging certification program and provides packaging that is designed with our customers and the environment in mind. FFP certified packaging is capable of shipping in its own container in minimized, fully recyclable and easy-to-open packaging. This ensures the most optimal experience for our customers. Ships In Own Container (SIOC) Ships In Own Container, our second tier of certification, minimizes waste through ensuring that packaging is designed to ship without the need for an Amazon overbox. Some products require additional protection using non-recyclable packaging materials such as foams to ensure minimal damage during shipment. Prep-Free Packaging (PFP) Prep-Free Packaging, our third tier of certification, is designed for items that are not capable of shipping in their own container (i.e. liquid product that is not six sided) requiring an Amazon applied overbox. A certified PFP package is designed to ship effectively without the need for Amazon to apply additional prep to prevent damage or leakage. Online Testing Platform to Save Time and Improve Package Testing - ISTA Seeking Your Input ISTA is exploring the potential of developing an online testing platform to save time and improve package testing. As part of this undertaking, we are seeking to understand how much testing is being conducted in laboratories world-wide. Please take this opportunity to improve testing within our industry and provide feedback in an anonymous 10 question survey. Your input is valued and imperative. As a member driven association with a mission to enhance the effectiveness of package design and testing, we are reliant on guidance from industry professionals to guide projects such as this. Visit the following link to take the survey: Walmart Unveils Sustainable Packaging Playbook Recommends ISTA Preshipment Testing Standards Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has released a comprehensive Sustainable Packaging Playbook for its suppliers culled from 10 years of experience working toward a reduction in packaging across its supply chain as part of its zero-waste aspirations. The 20-page document was unveiled on Oct. 25 at a summit held at Walmart's Bentonville, AR, home office, attended by several hundred suppliers (brand owners), merchants, and NGO partners. The playbook has been compiled as a guide for suppliers to enhance their packaging sustainability to improve their Sustainability Index score and reduce the cost of goods. To ensure that packaging provides adequate protection during transport, the Walmart playbook recommends designing packaging that meets ISTA preshipment testing standards while using the minimum amount of packaging.

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