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Check Out Speaker Lineup! page 6 For centuries the scientific community has been finding ways to harvest energy from naturally occurring phenomena such as wind and solar radiation. In the last century, tremendous strides in energy harvesting have been made in tandem with the invention of novel energy harvesting devices. These devices are able to harvest ¬energy from processes such as magnetism, thermal radiation, and ocean waves. A few of the most prominent and effective methods for energy harvesting are electromagnetic, piezoelectric, thermoelectric, and triboelectric, all of which utilize polymeric materials, ceramics, and various metals. Clemson University is in the process of using one of these methods to harvest energy from the motion of packaged products during transportation, store it, and use it to power sensors that will measure the very same distribution environment from which the energy was harvested. In this paper, we will explore the use of a triboelectric energy harvester in a packaging application and demonstrate its use in charging a battery, which may then be used to provide power to a temperature and humidity sensor, a GPS unit, or field data recorder. Introduction The current growth of smart packaging technology is staggering. "Intelligent packaging demand will record double-digit annual gains, reaching $1.3 billion in 2017," according to a 2014 Packaging Digest report [1]. Another trend > inside Inside ISTA Headquarters • Message from ISTA Global Board Chair Sam Sheppard Fidler • European Packaging Symposium • ISTA TransPack Forum Speakers • European Packaging Symposium • ISTA China Packaging Symposium • ISTA & PACK EXPO • ISTAAsia Pacific Packaging Symposium • ISTA Labs & 2017 Resource Book pages 2-11 Welcome New Members pages 12-13 CPLP Corner pages 14 ISTA Technical Update • e-Commerce Test Protocols • ISTA • ISTA Procedure Revisions • Reusability Test Development • Amazon Packaging Certification Guidelines • Online Testing Platform • Walmart Sustainable Packaging Playbook pages 16-17 Application of a Triboelectric Energy Harvester in Transport Packaging The following paper was presented at ISTA's 2016 TransPack Forum. December 2016 • TM > MORE ON PAGE 3 > MORE ON PAGE 18 Dynamic Performance Based Specifications It's critical for packaging designers to think about how a primary package will be used in order to develop a truly successful package. When you think about how that package will be used by the end consumer, you begin to visualize the interaction of all the primary packaging components and the challenges your design faces. Holding your packaging accountable to perform in the real world as designed and overcome these potential challenges is the basis behind Eric Hiser ISTA Vice President - Technical Greg Batt Assistant Professor, Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Clemson University Check Out Speaker Lineup! page 6 April 18-21, 2017 Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts, Orlando, Florida Early Bird Registration Rate: Ends Friday, February 24th. Multiple Person Discount: Each attendee after 1st person, same company receives $100 off registration rate. WAYS TO SAVE:

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