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Practice Philosophy: Despite significant breakthroughs in medical knowledge, we believe that the prac ce of Western Medicine has been derailed by its emphasis on pharmaceu cal treatment of lifestyle- related chronic disease and symptom management. The unrelen ng emphasis on trea ng laboratory values and symptoms, has distracted the physician and pa ent from real health, which encompasses physical, mental, emo onal, and spiritual health. We do not believe that we are born with a pharmaceu cal deficiency; if we find ourselves needing pharmacy, it is cri cal to ask why, and seek out the root cause in an all-out effort to eliminate acquired pharmacy needs. We believe that the healthcare crisis that exists in America is not the result of insurance companies, but is instead the result of severe nutri onal, physical, social and financial stressors that have created an unprecedented burden of illness and chronic disease. The sheer magnitude of these stress-related epidemics coupled with the runaway cost of "modern" medicine has earned America's healthcare system the dubious dis nc on as the most expensive, and among the least effec ve in the developed world. Our pa ents' stories, the results of innumerable scien fic studies, and our own experience agree: we must break the vicious cycle of pharmaceu cal dependence. It is becoming common place to see pa ents on mul ple medica ons that do nothing more than treat the side effects of the other medicines they are on. Our insa able desire for the perfect pill to make us feel well has clearly passed the point of diminishing returns. With each passing year we discover another drug that is doing more harm than good, and the inability of the FDA to police the industry becomes increasingly obvious. Healthcare reform does not equate with health reform. With the life expectancy of our children declining for the first me in American history, we find ourselves on the verge of economic disaster, not from burst housing bubbles, but from healthcare costs that now account for nearly 20% of our gross domes c product (GDP), and healthcare bills that are now the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. We owe it to our children to turn the de; for the sake of their health, their educa on, and their future financial and social stability we have to change the way we think about health. Our solu on is to employ only those medica ons that have a proven track record of safety, not as a life me therapy, but as a bridge to real health and healing through aggressive lifestyle training, stress reduc on, neural and musculoskeletal healing and educa on. To ensure the success of our pa ents, Dr. Bush has assembled a network of like-minded health experts with complementary areas of exper se including herbal, chiroprac c, and acupuncture therapies that will help you revolu onize your health. Revolution Health Center A dynamic team of health professionals that aim to restore your health to unexpected levels This is not about alternative medicine. This is about foundational health. Page 38 | Abby's Magazine -

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