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18 ista views • July 2016 • Q: A: The flow chart below provides a brief overview of the process and some key actions taken for each step. Additionally, it highlights the involvement of ISTA's Testing Council and Technical Division Board in the process. For further detail, visit the ISTA website to download the ISTA Technical Division Operating Guide (choose ISTA Testing & Technical Operations and then Forms & Policies). What is the process for Changing or Developing an ISTA test protocol? Eric Hiser ISTA Vice President - Technical Technical Division Board - Vote TSG - Vote Approved Rejected Approved Rejected Stage 4 • TesŸng Council Chair Shares Thoughts/Concerns • Verifies Test Stage 3 • Consensus Body New Test or Changes Published Stage 5 • Process Complete TesŸng Council - Vote Change Request – Or – New Test Non- Members ExploraŸon Team Approved Rejected Stage 1 • Does the Request Have Merit? • Warrant Further ExploraŸon via Workgroup? Stage 0 • Requests can come from anyone/where • ISTA Staff Reviews Format Workgroup Stage 2 Members • Creates DraL Documents • Anyone Can ParŸcipate ISTA Test Procedure Change & Development Process ISTA Technical Update

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