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Health and Wellness Magazine • 23 Bring the kids and join Cinderella, Big Batmobile and Colorado and Company's Denise Plante for a special public viewing of Sky Ridge Medical Center's new Pediatric ER. GET A SNEAK PEEK! GET A SNEAK PEEK! GET A SNEAK PEEK! 10am to 1pm Saturday, February 13 For More Info: 720-225-KIDZ (5439) Mommy's Here Unlike traditional ERs, the department will house five observation rooms that not only welcome Mom and Dad; they do it with high-comfort style. Private bathrooms, sleeping areas and recliners at bedside are some of the amenities that will allow families with children who need a longer period of medical care but do not need hospital admission to stay comfortable and close. It's In the Details Highly trained in medicating sick or injured kids, staff members know how critical proper dosing is with their smaller patients. Many checks and balances ensure safety, including the Artemis System, an electronic program designed to speed up calculations and prevent mistakes. Focused on keeping their little patients' ER experience as pain- free as possible, staff members also use everything from words to props, such as toys and iPads, for drug-free pain distraction. Child Life Specialist on Board S k y R i d g e a l s o o f f e r s a c h i l d l i f e specialist, a professional trained in child development who focuses on keeping life as normal as possible for children in challenging environments. These family-centered experts help prepare and educate child patients and ensure effective coping through play and self- expression activities, all while heeding each family's emotional, developmental and cultural needs. The Doctor is In The pediatric focus goes beyond the new ER, with the Evergreen Medical O f f i c e B u i l d i n g t h a t h o u s e s t h e E R s o o n t o b e h o m e t o a m u l t i - specialty suite of pediatric providers. Subspecialists include those in: surgery, anesthesiology, orthopedics, radiology, u r o l o g y , n e u r o l o g y , n e u r o s u r g e r y , gastroenterology, oncology and more. It's a Family Affair Sky Ridge's pediatric focus continues in the hospital for families whose children need in-patient care, with a team of board-certified pediatric doctors and nurses and family-centered amenities, including the first Ronald McDonald family room in southeast Denver. "This special space provides families of our NICU and pediatric unit a respite away from the patient room," Martin says. "It has a kitchen, showers and laundry facilities as well as toys and activities for little ones who are visiting siblings." LITTLE THINGS MATTER The "Buzzy" bee, a new prop of Sky Ridge Medical Center's pediatric staff, vibrates and cools while taking kids' attention away from medical procedures. Sky Ridge Medical Center's new Pediatric Emergency Department is created to meet the needs of children. Here's a quick snapshot: Care with Comfort (continued from page 3) They built it just for me!

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