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26 ista views • December 2015 • Product 1: MTD Yard Tractor The resulting damage from the current ASTM truck vibration profile exceeds the levels of damage seen in the field. The levels of damage seen during the proposed profile and after using the ISTA steel spring profile were most similar to those seen in the field. Increasing the run duration of each of the ASTM proposed profiles and performing only one cycle, Modified 1, does produce higher levels of damage as compared to three shorter cycles for this particular product. Removing the lowest level vibration profile, Modified 2, produces similar damage levels to those typical in the field and results in a reduced test time for this particular product. Product 2: Automotive Electrical Assembly, Packaged in Thermoformed Trays The levels of damage produced using the current ASTM vibration profile were the highest of the six tests and produced damage not seen in the field. The other five tests performed produced a similar level of damage regardless of test for this particular product. The damage observed in all cases was notably greater than the levels observed in the field. Acknowledgements: • MTD Products - Mike Menke • Marshall Associates - Tara Griffin • Sears Holdings Corporation • TE Automotive Group - Ralph Bentley • Clemson University Graduate Students – Sam McGee and Drew Barry References: ASTM D4169-14, Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2014, ISTA Procedures 3A(2008), 3B (2013), 3E (2009), 3H (2011), International Safe Transit Association, East Lansing, MI. An Assessment Of The Common Carrier Shipping Environment. (1979). General Technical Report, FPL 22. Forest Products Laboratory, US Department of Agriculture, Madison WI. Transportation Facts. (2015, January 1). Retrieved March 25, 2015, from National Highway System Designation Act Of 1995 (1995), Public Law 104-59. 104th Congress. McKinlay, A. & Anderson, L.(2011, October 31). History of D4169. D10 Workshop. Lecture conducted from ASTM. Joneson, E. and Anderson, L (2014). ASTM D10.21 D4169 Revision - Random Vibration Update. ISTA TransPack Forum. Lecture conducted from ISTA. The National Highway System Designation Act of 1995 Spring 1996 Vol. 59• No. 4. (1996, April 1). Retrieved March 26, 2015, from Laboratory Evaluation of ASTM D4169 (Current and Proposed) Vibration Profiles > CONTINUED FROM PAGE 25

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