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Abby's Magazine -November/December 2015 | Page 43 vegetables (95% meat, 5 % fruits and vegetables) and including organ meat and bone. 5. Routine chiropractic adjustments to maintain good blood flow and energy to the body. 6. Electroceutical therapy. Ground breaking advances inthe treatment of Alzheimer's/CDS is in the use of light and frequencies. The Chinese describe disease as being out of balance, dis-ease. Consider that the body is fundamentally energy/ electric. Putting the 2 concepts together, we can use electromagnetic devices to retrain tissues that are "out of balance" and rebalance them. Electroceutical medicine is here Now! Studies have shown that heating the base of the brain using electromagnetic devices can open the blood brain barrier. Opening the blood brain barrier has been shown to allow cells to clean up detrimental amyloid found in Alzheimer's and preliminary studies show positive results with reversal of Alzheimer's symptoms. I am currently working with a device developed by INNOVARIOUS.CO.UK that delivers specific electromagnetic frequencies combined with hyperthermia (gentle heating) to the tissues being treated. Studies have shown the benefits of electromagnetic therapy to include moving calcium through brain and neurologic tissues efficiently, increased oxygenation and the rehabilitation of neurologic tissue. Neurologic tissues gently warmed with electromagnetic heating produces Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP 70), a specific protein found to be neuro protective (protects tissue of the nervous system). HSP 70 promotes repair of nerves and many other tissues throughout the body. I have been using this technology with good results on patients with arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, paralysis, cancer and many other conditions where pain and inflammation exist. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is being used with humans to treat symptoms of depression and other neurological conditions with wonderful results. I am currently working on studies using the Innovarious technology on behavior modification in animals, specifically anxiety behaviors. For more information contact my office. The future of medicine is changing with this ground breaking use of pulsed electromagnetic ultra high- frequency carrier waves. "Electroceuticals" are replacing nutraceuticals, allowing patients to be effectively healed without the side effects experienced with western drugs. Contact me for more information on the uses of electromagnetic therapy. Dr. Marlene Siegel Pasco Veterinary Medical Center 813-973-2929

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