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THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL | 1 Feature 2 Choosing the right ContraCtor By Jeffrey R Clark, Ph.D If you've elected to build your own data center rather than pursuing one (or more) of the many outsourcing options that saturate the market today, you may be in for a bumpy ride—particularly if it's your first data center construction project. 6 how to ContraCt eFFeCtively: understanding ContraCtor responsibilities By Jun Yang, PE, LEED AP Navigating the complicated world of construction contracts is often hindered by overly complex liability limiting clauses with an expectation of what may appear to be common practice or even common sense. In complex construction projects, such as data center construction, the roles and responsibilities required from a contractor may vary widely from one project to another. 12 navigating the risky business oF data Center ConstruCtion By Mark Thompson and David Ibarra The data center construction market and America's favorite pastime have a few things in common. In both, the teams most likely to achieve long-term success and hold winning records recognize that not every pitch hit—or every project tackled—will be a home run. 17 data Center ConstruCtion Closeout doCumentation: what you need, how to manage it By Michael Balles Consultants are often called on by data center owners to perform an analysis or begin design for an expansion or renovation. One of the first questions asked, typically before the first site visit, is "Do you have 'as-built' drawings of your facility?" 22 avoiding the pitFalls oF ConstruCtion ContraCts By Jeffrey R Clark, Ph.D The data center construction contract is a huge deal—not only does it involve lots of money on the part of the customer, but it involves lots of time and labor on the part of contractor, as well as lots of risk on both sides. 26 preFabriCated data Centers: lower Cost, greater sCalability By Eric Wilcox Today, prefabricated data centers are custom designed to a site and have no inherent limitations in terms of function, aesthetics, size or shape. With prefabrication, architectural requirements and preferences and custom industrial design can optimize the finished facility as your business prefers. 28 vendor indeX All rights reserved. No portion of DATA CENTER Journal may be reproduced without written permission from the Executive Editor. The management of DATA CENTER Journal is not responsible for opinions expressed by its writers or editors. We assume that all rights in communications sent to our editorial staff are unconditionally assigned for publication. All submissions are subject to unrestricted right to edit and/ or to comment editorially. AN EDM2R ENTERPRISES, INC. PUBLICATION ALPHARETTA, GA 30022 PHONE: 678-762-9366 FAX: 866-708-3068 | WWW.DATACENTERJOURNAL.COM DESIGN : NEATWORKS, INC., JOHNS CREEK GA 30022 TEL: 678-392-2992 | WWW.NEATWORKSINC.COM

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