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F or the past several years 8 Ball and I have turned what would be an annual summer vacation each year into a 72month quest for a "home" missions expe- rience. I had an aunt that was a "home" missionary, and I never thought much about that, until, God called me to become a Motorcycle minister and Chaplain 10 years ago. Based out of Addison, Texas, 8Ball and I have now ridden our Harleys across the continent, crisscrossing North, South East and West as we have followed Christ's leading in our mission experience. Our 2009 rides were the nal pieces to the puzzle, and Mission Alaska-09 was the best documented of our many journeys. e 2009 experience was indicative of our 6 sum- mers on the road riding across America. e following is a recap of our daily blog, which was posted on our website in its entirety: www.BikerChaplain.com. Day 1 started at 5am, as most day 1's do. Cloudy and drizzling in Dallas, it cleared up in Oklahoma. What should have been a 105d day turned into a comfortable 78d ride. Nebraska was beautiful and we rode through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa to arrive there for dinner. We had the opportunity to testify to a couple of bikers at the gas stops and passed out several tracts and Road Hawg Music, Songs from the Seat, CD's. Day 3 took us west from Winnipeg through bright yellow elds of Canola through Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Spent the morning leaning le into very strong gusty wind blowing across the highway. Clearly a divine appointment, God laid a burden on us for a particular biker we shared with today. e last hour of day four was clearly the best hour of the past few days. In route to Dawson Creek as we le Grand Prairie, Alberta around 6:30pm local time, we entered the rolling hills of western BC. e eve- ning sky was clear the sun was warm and the 78d temperature was so comfortable. Across the valleys we could see multiple canola elds yellow with their harvest and in the distance the snow capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies. e road surface was perfect, the best yet, as we made our way from one tree covered hill to the next. I felt no wind at all as the trees mued the rumble of the old 103. We almost whispered across the terrain. It was the end to a 14 hour day and now, at this point in the trip, Tim and I both agreed, we felt one with our machines. It was in this moment, I thought, life is so good and yet eternity with Christ will defy human com- prehension. A parking lot sermon delivered today is what we live for and ride for. is experience is indeed the cornerstone of personal ministry for a Biker Chaplain. Day 7 was the nal day, of the journey that has taken 8Ball and me to all the rideable 49 United States and most of Canada. Today I realized that the old Alaskan highway was not completely tame. ough not the pioneer trek it was 30 years ago, but the old girl still has some kicks le in her. Every so oen, some sections more than others, there is a bump. A bump that is so much the same you would think someone was planting these strategically to get your attention. is non-sequential repeating bump causes you to be thrown o your seat 10" in the air, unexpectedly. With this comes a huge gasp, a mighty HURRUMPH, coming from the inner most parts of your being. It's a gr owl and an expression all in one. It is the sound of pain, and of surprise, a sigh of relief that you're still aliveā€¦all wrapped into one HURRUMPH. On day 7, this familiar ritual was to of the past few days. In A Journey in Faith A Journey in Faith Rumble In The Wind GraceRiderMag.com July/August 2015 51

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