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1. Start with mounting the passing lamps onto the bar. 2. Pass the power wire through. 3. Pass the washers through, big washer then little washer (do not leave these washers off, the washers are there for a reason). 5. Slide in the turn signal, pass the wire through, swivel it so it's straight and parallel to the bar, and then tighten it. 9. Now we will replace the bulb first for that cool look…from orange bulb to white or any other color. 6. One of the wires goes to the power. The other goes to the other side (the power only comes in on one side). 7. Make sure to prepare both sides before tightening anything. 11. Change out the bulb from the old to the new one. 10. Unscrew and pull the cover off. Then remove the bulb. 8. Between the tightening, you'll get it in the right position or you'll have to keep sliding it over and tightening it, sliding it over, tightening it…Once you get it completely tightened, it's hard to turn it. 12. Make sure to insert the rubber mount circles (they will keep water out of it) before putting back on the new cover. 4. Pass the base through which stabilizes it.

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