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I magine it's a beautiful day in the desert. You've spent the day with your twin brother – who happens to be your best buddy - working on your bikes and now you are ready to ride! You and your brother head out to the open road and he brings his girlfriend as his passenger. You have been riding together since you were little boys. You are both experienced riders who enjoy the freedom of the open road. Your brother has been restoring an old classic Harley and it is finally running. This is the first test drive. You ride a little behind your brother to keep an eye on him. As dusk turns to evening, the riding light is getting darker as the sun is setting in the distance. The air is brisk and fresh and it has been a great ride…the freedom of connecting with the open road, until…it happens! And you see it happening in slow motion right in front of your eyes; it's too late to avoid; you see your twin brother approaching an unexpected blind curve, barely visible in the dark. You wish you could scream at him. Before you can think "what to do" he hits the guardrail and both he and his passenger are ejected and thrown from the bike into the dark field of hard, desert earth past the shoulder. Before you know it, you're close to the same curve; you apply the brakes and lay down your bike sliding just past the guardrail into the same field where your brother was thrown. You have sustained some minor injuries but you are able to get up and go search for your brother in the dark desert. You were able to throw down your bike after seeing your brother missing the same curve. It's dark; at first you can't see him or his girlfriend; you listen for voices or sounds… nothing. You think the worst but it can't be, no way! Suddenly, you see him and rush over to his motionless body. "Please God!" His injuries are significant and he is nonresponsive. His girlfriend is a few feet away. You check for a pulse on her, nothing. Is she deceased? Is she? And why wasn't she wearing a DOT helmet? A single mom who leaves behind a sweet five year-old daughter. Who will care for her now? What was she thinking? My name is Stacy Kaye. I worked for over a decade for one of the top motorcycle insurance companies in the US. I worked as a senior claims supervisor and hold SCLA certification (Senior Claims Law Associate). I have seen many cases like this and here at Grace Rider, we want to make sure you are covered. The above is a sad but all too true story. And the question is…are you covered? Do you have the coverage you need for the injuries you would have sustained if you survived the accident? Do you have the coverage you need for your bike? What if you were "the brother"? Would you have enough coverage if you were seriously injured? What about coverage for your passenger? In the real life example above, the rider who sustained minor injuries to himself and damages to his bike carried the appropriate coverage on his motorcycle policy to cover his own injuries and the damages to his bike. If he had a passenger, his passenger would have had good coverage as well. Are You Covered? 24 GraceRiderMag.com July/August 2015

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