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Volume 34 | October 2014

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THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL | 1 Feature 2 Is the enterprIse Data Center DyIng? By Jeffrey R Clark, PhD Growth in the cloud and in various IT outsourcing options could lead the casual observer to think that the enterprise data center is an endangered species.. Clearly, however, that's not the case: someone, somewhere must house the equipment that provides these services. The critical question, therefore, is not whether there will be data centers out there, but who will build and operate them. FaCIlIty corner 8 ChIllIn' In the Data Center: an OvervIew OF COOlIng tOwers By Robert Rosenberger Researchers at Villanova University estimate that data centers are responsible for more than two percent of U.S. electrical usage. All of that energy creates massive heat—and servers do not like heat. It can cause them to become slow, or malfunction outright, leading to significant downtime and unwanted expenses. 13 Flywheels: a green, "COOler" pOwer BaCk- up sOlutIOn FOr Data Centers By Frank DeLattre For data centers, power and cooling go hand in hand. Although UPS electronics have improved over the years, the one area of the UPS that has not is in the chemical-energy storage of the lead-acid battery used with UPSs. Fortunately, kinetic-energy-storage flywheels or kinetic energy systems provide a viable alternative. 16 Is It tIme tO mODernIze yOur Data Center pOwer InFrastruCture? By David Sonner This article evaluates the costs of continuing to operate a circa-2005 infrastructure while implementing new high-efficiency technologies. It will explore how new systems can deliver 15% to 25% savings in opex, plus improved performance and a clearer path for growth. It ops 20 evaluatIng yOur COmpany's Data Center neeDs By Jeffrey R Clark, PhD IT is an increasingly vital part of almost every industry, whether it's for just providing contact and other essential information through a simple website or delivering advanced application services to customers. With so many options for meeting a company's infrastructure needs, the various data center choices can be daunting. Here's a look at how to begin evaluating the options and narrowing down the field for your future data center. 24 tOp 10 skIlls every Data Center manager must have By Frank DeLattre As with any professional position, basic skills such as experience, leadership, commitment, and organizational and analytical skills are vital for the key position of data center manager. In fact, when it comes to managing a data center—an organization's life blood—a manager's capabilities take on a higher level of requirements to keep the data center running at peak performance 24x7. 30 upCOmIng events venDOr InDeX All rights reserved. No portion of DATA CENTER Journal may be reproduced without written permission from the Executive Editor. The management of DATA CENTER Journal is not responsible for opinions expressed by its writers or editors. We assume that all rights in communications sent to our editorial staff are unconditionally assigned for publication. All submissions are subject to unrestricted right to edit and/ or to comment editorially. AN EDM2R ENTERPRISES, INC. PUBLICATION ALPHARETTA, GA 30022 PHONE: 678-762-9366 FAX: 866-708-3068 | WWW.DATACENTERJOURNAL.COM DESIGN : NEATWORKS, INC., JOHNS CREEK GA 30022 TEL: 678-392-2992 | WWW.NEATWORKSINC.COM

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