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Volume 34 | October 2014

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THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL | 13 By frank Delattre Flywheels: A "Cooler", Green Back-up Power Solution for Data Centers F or data centers, power and cooling go hand-in-hand. While UPS electronics have improved over the years, the one area of the UPS that has not is in the chemical energy storage of the lead-acid battery used with UPSs. Fortu- nately, kinetic energy storage flywheels or kinetic energy systems provide a viable alternative. e flywheel is a mechanical device that quickly stores energy as it spins (Figure 1). While electricity from the grid is needed to operate the flywheel, once the power goes out, the flywheel's stored kinetic energy generates electricity. Compared to lead-acid battery-based UPS systems, flywheels do not need expensive air conditioning, large real estate or fre- quent maintenance. Today's kinetic energy storage flywheels provide mission-critical data centers a highly efficient and depend- Figure 1. Flywheel components

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