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Abby's Magazine - July / August 2014 | Page 9 with non-GMO feed. "If you want healthy animals, put them on a non-GMO diet. They will gain weight faster, their health and reproduction will be better overall," says David W. Nelson, president of Minnesota-based Pedogenesis, Inc. Iowa-based crop advisor Howard Vlieger has seen fewer health issues and reduced expense and need for antibiotics. "There will be an improvement in overall herd health and performance," he says. Vlieger was co-author with Australian scientist Dr. Judy Carman of a study published last year in Journal of Organic Systems that found that pigs were harmed by the consumption of feed containing GM corn and soy. GMO-fed pigs suffered severe stomach inflammation that was markedly higher than in pigs fed non-GMO feed. The study's findings were significant because they were found in actual farm conditions and not in a laboratory. Iowa veterinarian Art Dunham, who works with dairy and beef cows and hogs, says he has seen many animal health problems resulting from GM feed and particularly glyphosate herbicide, which is used extensively with Roundup Ready GM corn and soy. These include reproductive problems in hogs and beef cows, botulism in dairy cows, and bloody bowels, rickets, and viral diseases in hogs. "Glyphosate definitely increases many risks and makes it harder to have healthy animals," he says. Animals avoid GMOs Some farmers say animals instinctively avoid eating GMOs. In a survey conducted by Practical Farmers of Iowa, one farmer reported: "I haven't seen it directly in our family cattle, but other family members have seen cattle not grazing on corn stubble very well on GMO they're just not eating it." There have been many anecdotal reports of animals that, if given the choice, will eat non-GMO or organic corn and leave the GM corn untouched. The South Dakota farmer mentioned earlier tested this theory by putting non-GMO corn and GM corn into #10 envelopes and placing three sets of envelopes in his shop, garage, and an electrical utility shed for mice to eat. The mice ate through the non-GMO corn envelopes and left the GM corn envelopes untouched, leaving the farmer to wonder: "Why do the mice go to the non-GMO corn? Animals aren't dumb. Something's going on." Fresh. Organic. respOnsible. ©2013 Oregon's Wild Harvest OWH-AHN-SU Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth We are family-owned and operated, with herbs grown on our farm, ethically wildcraed, or sourced from other reputable organic growers. Certified Organic Since 1994 • 100% Vegetarian Capsules • GMO-Free • Gluten-Free • Stearate-Free Certified Organic Herbal Products

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