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Abby's Magazine - July / August 2014 | Page 29 By Dr. Marlene Siegel Organic Living Can You Afford NOT To? I describe the world like a holographic video game created and programmed by universal source energy. Everything in the "game" is created in order for us humans to have experiences. The beliefs we carry and the choices we make determine how great (or not) the experience will be. Consider what would happen if all of nature were removed (plants, animals and organic matter) and all that was left was humans. Mankind could not survive. But we could remove mankind, leaving nature, and the world would continue on just fine, maybe even better! So what's the point of the game? No one knows for sure, but what if it had something to do with learning through our experiences? If this is true, then observing nature provides strong hints regarding how well (or not) we are playing the game. Cancer is the perfect barometer for environmental toxicity. The more toxic the environment, the higher the rate of cancer. Toxins include chemicals, pesticides, GMO products, processed and synthetic foods, stress, negative thinking and negative behavior. According to the American Cancer Society, "In 2014, there will be an estimated 1,665,540 new cancer cases (in people) diagnosed and 585,720 cancer deaths in the US. Cancer remains the second most common cause of death in the US, accounting for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths." According to the AVMA and the leading pet insurance companies, "Cancer is the No. 1 killer in both dogs and cats, making it a top health concern among pet guardians. Animal cancer statistics reveal that one of three dogs and one of four cats will be diagnosed with cancer, and even these stats appear to be on the rise." It is not too late to do something about it! But we can't keep ignoring the problem or expecting someone else to fix it. WE , you and me, need to look into the mirror, take responsibility and begin the changes. It doesn't have to be overwhelming. Start with changing 1 thing and do it 21 times until it is a habit. Then pick another thing to change. Our world is like a big river. Let's agree the river is becoming so polluted it can't support the life forms that depend on it. It makes perfect sense we need to clean it up! But it does no good to clean up the river if a few miles upstream more pollution is being dumped into the river. Obviously we need to stop the cause of the pollution before we can effectively clean up the pollution! Here is my check list for living an organic lifestyle for myself and the creatures that share my world: 1. Become aware of ANT'S (automatic negative thoughts). Notice I didn't say stop them. Just begin with being AWARE of them. Then ask yourself if those thoughts are helping you be all you could be, or not. If not, welcome up the thoughts, realize they are not your true authentic beliefs, thank them (they served a purpose at some point) and release them. Lastly, replace those old beliefs with beliefs that DO support you. 2. Make conscious choices about what you eat and what you feed your pet. It is NOT TRUE that eating healthy is too expensive. You eat far less when your cells receive nutrients, you feel better, are more productive and creative, have less sick time (missed work), fewer doctor (and veterinary) bills and less fear and anguish spent dealing with dis- eases. Adds up to priceless in my calculator! 3. Be GREEN and CLEAN in your home and office. Wisely choose what products you are cleaning with, washing with and breathing. Organic and green natural products are far cheaper (find recipe's with vinegar or baking soda and essential oils) and much safer. Pets spend most of their lives in contact with the chemical and toxic cleaners used in the home. They absorb massive amounts through their skin (which is the largest organ of excretion and absorption in the body!) If unsure of the products safety, read the label. If you can't recognize or pronounce the names, chances are you shouldn't be in contact with it. 4. Begin and end each day being grateful for at least 20 things that happened that day. Animals entrain (synchronize) to our energy. Raising your vibrations through gratitude exercises raises your pets vibrations too. We can't continue to live in a toxic world, the price is too high. We the consumers can control the manufacturing companies by how we choose to spend our dollars! If we quit buying the toxic products, companies will shift to producing those items we will buy. Start your own social media campaign and get your sphere of influence to join you. As we begin to shift from a world of competition to a world of cooperation, we ARE changing the world! Dr. Marlene Siegel | Integrated Veterinarian Pasco Veterinary Medical Center Promoting Health Care Not Broke Care • P| 813-973-2929

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