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Abby's Magazine - July / August 2014 | Page 3 Need relief from Digestive Disorders? Back Pain? Migraines? Lower Back Pain • Neck Pain Migraines • Digestive Disorders • Allergies Carpal Tunnel • Sciatica • Asthma • Ear Infections 813-882-8181 $35 includes exam, consult and full set of x-rays 5015 W. Waters Ave. • Tampa, Fl. 33634 Our no risk policy. The patient or other person responsible for payment has the right to cancel payment, be reimbursed for any service, exam treatment which is performed as a result of, within 72 hours of responding to special offer. Much like the dermal skin layers on your body provide major function and vitality, the outer layers of plants are essential. If you are like most people and throw the skin away, you might just be wasting the most important part of the food! Chock full of essential oils, vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, sesquitepenes, tannins, antioxidants the skin is essential. The ripe peels of many fruits, especially citrus have plenty of important actions in the body. They are highly utilized by Chinese Medical Doctors for the liver, gallbladder and bile congestion. These characteristics are seen in the alkaloids contained within the plant. The induce effects have anti- inflammatory properties, and antibacterial actions. Lemon and lime juice taken on an empty stomach are great for relieving liver toxicity. Also because of the acidic nature they help to cleanse and detoxify. Because of the biochemical makeup of the lemon, when it enters the stomach it actually inhibits hydrochloric acid excretion. This reduces the acid entering the duodenum, therefore lessening the amount of bicarbonate secretions by the liver, which lessons the chance of gut leakage that often occurs due to heavy stress. Along with lemon peel essential oils, bitter orange naturally reduces cholesterol and therefore may be beneficial for those with hypercholesteremia. Medical hospitals like Cleveland Clinic, and doctors across the globe, incorporate essential oils in their treatment and cure of many conditions, from peppermint extracts that are largely utilized by college students and workers for aiding digestion, upset stomach and calming the mind. Now that you are armed with the research and information behind peels and skins, you can start slowly by buying organic lemons, grapefruit, orange and grapes with seeds and eat them whole. If you want more information on chiropractic or if chiropractic is right for you, please go to Dr. Dan Durrieu Family Health Chiropractic 5015 W. Waters Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33634 P| 813-882-8181 The Importance of Plant Skins

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