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Volume 32 | June 2014

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THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL | 27 Critical Power Monitoring for Mission Critical Success. Introducing the new STARLINE ® Critical Power Monitor (CPM). You want the best for your data center. When it comes to power distribution, STARLINE gives you the best in efficiency, reliability, and customization. Now, with the STARLINE CPM, you can integrate revenue grade power monitoring for both end feed and branch circuits, to fully understand and manage your data center's power usage. To learn more about how our CPM can help your data center or other mission critical installation, please visit The STARLINE CPM also features: • Revenue grade metering functionality • Monitors multi-circuit configurations • End feed and branch circuit models • Display and non-display versions available • Wired Ethernet and serial communications are standard, optional 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity • Ability to use both Modbus and SNMP protocols simultaneously 3022_uec_dcjournal_two_page_c_Layout 1 5/15/14 10:21 AM Page 2

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