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THE DATA CENTER JOURNAL | 1 FEATURE 2 DESIGNING THE BOX: DATA CENTER DESIGN FORUM Throughout the year, the Data Center Journal publishes images and details around specific data center projects that would be interesting and informative to you, our readers. We are interested in all aspects of data center engineering, technology and design. We select projects that are unique from an overall availability, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection design. We have 3 different designs to present to you in this April issue on design topics from iFactor, Morrison Hershfield and POH Architects. DESIGN CORNER 8 ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL: AN ALTERNATIVE TO PREFABRICATED & CONVENTIONAL DATA CENTERS by Phil Aldag Manager, Solutions Market Development Emerson Network Power In the current environment of rapid change in business and IT technology, high demands have been placed on IT infrastructure. As a result, IT and data center managers aspire to higher performing data centers that operate faster, smarter, easier and at lower cost. They demand data centers that can provide the scalability and flexibility to meet internal customer demands, adapt to rapid changes, operate at high efficiency and meet requirements for compliance and application protection. How IT departments approach their physical infrastructure strategies directly affect their ability to meet these needs. 12 DESIGNING A MULTI-TIER DATA CENTER by Jeffrey R Clark With the increasing focus on controlling capital and operating expenses (capex and opex) while enabling data center growth that fits the immediate business needs ("right-sizing"), modularity has become a hot design trend. But modularity can, and in many cases should, extend beyond simply replicating only the same elements (power-distribution units, racks, cooling units and so on): a heterogeneous approach can garner tremendous cost savings over a homogeneous one. 16 CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: POOR COLOCATION DESIGN COULD COST YOU by Dan Klasen. While IT professionals often disagree on design and implementation strategies for their data centers, there's one item on which most agree - these are costly investments. From expenditures on equipment to power and cooling, IT infrastructures are among the most significant costs associated with running a business. That's why colocation has emerged as a viable option for small-to-midsized companies – ensuring the reliability, security, and availability of the data center via a third-party service. 20 WIND DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS FOR DATA CENTER ROOFS by Brian George Wind resistance levels that exceed code requirements are often considered for data center projects and have become an important selling point as a differentiator in the marketplace. For new construction, enhancing wind resistance is relatively simple and, to a point, inexpensive. For existing structures it can be more difficult and expensive. 26 A MODERN DATA CENTER REQUIRES A ROBUST ELECTRICAL INFRASTRUCTURE by Reza Tajali In mid-2013, a global network solutions provider released a study based upon a survey administered to 1,750 IT professionals in North America, France, Germany and the U.K.1 A significant outcome of the study revealed that many of today's data centers are relying on 20-year old technology which impacts server productivity. Of those surveyed with these older technologies, 33% reported weekly network downtime. UPCOMING EVENTS VENDOR INDEX All rights reserved. No portion of DATA CENTER Journal may be reproduced without written permission from the Executive Editor. The management of DATA CENTER Journal is not responsible for opinions expressed by its writers or editors. We assume that all rights in communications sent to our editorial staff are unconditionally assigned for publication. All submissions are subject to unrestricted right to edit and/ or to comment editorially. AN EDM2R ENTERPRISES, INC. PUBLICATION ALPHARETTA, GA 30022 PHONE: 678-762-9366 FAX: 866-708-3068 | WWW.DATACENTERJOURNAL.COM DESIGN : NEATWORKS, INC., JOHNS CREEK GA 30022 TEL: 678-392-2992 | WWW.NEATWORKSINC.COM To learn more, visit © 2013 Corning Cable Systems. LAN-1655-AEN / June 2013 Introducing Pretium EDGE ® AO Solutions. Advanced optical technologies and elevated engineering for next-generation data center performance. Evolution The Next in our Data Center Revolution.

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