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Minerals that Support your Immune System Z M inc is one of the minerals in food that any other minerals are important in has received the most attention for its ability to support immune function. Zinc is a research studies have shown that iron can result in profound suppression of T-cell function. Children with severe an increase in infections and may impair development of immune cells such as T-cells susceptibility to infections. However, an excess of zinc has on immune function and and may be immuno- stimulants. Selenium can adequate but not excessive levels of zinc is important. This is one reason food is such an excellent source Excellent sources of copper versus supplementation; and raw crimini mushrooms, food contains a balanced variety of the micronutrients whereas supplementation with individual nutrients can lead to too much swiss chard. Iron can be provided by fresh parsley, spices such as thyme or cinnamon, such as spinach and romaine lettuce. excellent sources of zinc like lamb, raw crimini mushrooms and calf's liver in your diet. Antioxidants and Phytonutrients that Promote Healthy Immune Function Reactive oxygen species, free radicals and other damaging molecules are generated at sites of infection and inflammation. Your body needs these molecules at the site of infection to help kill unhealthy cells; however, when your antioxidant systems are not functioning, or when not enough antioxidants are present in your diet, these molecules are not disarmed after they have done their jobs and can become damaging to healthy tissue as well. Many fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants and phytonutrients that help maintain healthy tissue around the sites of infection and support healing. Fruits and vegetables, especially colored foods like strawberries, cherries, carrots, and tomatoes contain many beneficial phytonutrients with antioxidant potential. Page 10 | Abby's Magazine -

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