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ASK Abby Abby  offers  Free  Consultations  -  Please  call  (813)  996-6999     Monday  -  Friday  from  10  am  -  Noon  to  make  your  appointment Do you have a question for Abby? Send your inquires to: I   have   GERD,   a   hiatal   hernia   and   Hi  Jane, Barrett's  esophagus.  I  have  had  several   episodes  of  projectile  vomiting.  Is  there   anything  I  can  take  to  get  my  stomach   better?   -  John   Dear  John,                Abby GERD  is  usually  a  result  of  improper   Several   years   ago,   I   had   a   bout   within  two  hours  or  so  after  meals  is  a   of   encephalitis   that   left   me   with   neurological  damage  to  both  my  hands   (including   a   tremor   and   weakness).   I   am   wondering   if   you   know   of   any   condition?   -  Harry   Dear  Harry, to   leave   the   stomach   through   the                Abby   I   have   H.   pylori   and   have   been   recommended   to   take   antibiotics.   I   I   just   read   a   brief   article   that   stated   prefer  using  something  natural,  what  is   -  Sarah when  B12  is  combined  with  almost  any   your  recommendation?   Barrett's   results   over   time   as   the   other  vitamin,  it's  destroyed  during  the   digestion  process.  Is  there  any  truth  to   this  claim?   -Hank              Abby   Dear  Hank, repair   or   replace   the   protective   stomach  lining  so  that  H.  pylori  can                Abby   Did You Know?                Abby   Aloha   Abby,   you   are   helping   me   with   IBS   &   Colitis,   thank   you,   the   program   is   working   well.   Question,   can   I   use   Coconut  Dream  as  a  milk  replacement? And  can  I  use  Ghee?  The  "Chantilly  Ultra   X"   is   delish   in   the   coconut   dream,   so   I   hope  that's  ok.     -  Jane                Abby I   am   confused   by   the   labels   on   xylitol   mints  and  gums.  The  label  says  these   are  sugar  free.  Is  this  correct?  I'm  cut- ting   back   on   carbs   and   want   to   know   how   xylitol   is   ranked   on   the   glycemic   index.   -  Carol Abby's was founded in 1997 in an 1800 sq. foot space with three employees. Abby's currently employs 40+ awesome people. Abby's is dedicated to supporting local independent farmers & other health organizations. Abby's does not support products that contain Genetically Engineered Foods, sweeteners. Abby's Magazine - November / December 2013 | Page 5 Abby's Magazine - November / December 2013 |Page 5

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