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In This Issue From the Desk of our Executive Editor Abby Sayler The immune system defends the body so alertly and silently that we do not even notice the thousands of enemy attacks mounted against us everyday. If our immune system fails, we suddenly become vulnerable. Of all our body's systems, the immune system responds most sensitively to subtle changes in nutrition status. Incorporating the suggestions of this issue in your daily life will assist you to achieve optimal nutrition with the goal of optimal immunity. Table of Contents Abby's Magazine Mission Statement: Educate, empower and enable you to discover your personal path to preventative medicine and lifelong optimal health! EXECUTIVE EDITOR: Abby Sayler ASSISTANT EDITOR: Victor Karydis MANAGING EDITOR: Peter Kaye Karydis DESIGN DIRECTOR: Megan Locke ASSISTANT EAST COAST: Courtney Waiberman ASSISTANT WEST COAST: 5 – Ask Abby Stacy Goodner 6 – Maintain A Strong Immune System MKGraphics 10 – Minerals that Support your Immune System 12 – Your Nervous System is tied to your Immune System 13 – Protein and your Immune System 14 – Importance of Your Immune System 16 – 9 Foods to Boost the Immune System 18 – Antioxidants and Your Immune System 19 – Maintaining a Healthy Gastrointestinal Barrier 20 – The Immune System 22 – The Essential Vitamins for Healthy Immune Function 23 – Support and Maintain a Healthy Immune System 24 – Abby's Favorites 26 – From Our Café PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION: DIGITAL EDITOR: Peter Kaye Karydis ASSOCIATE DIGITAL EDITOR: Rob Thompson Date of Publication: November / December 2013, Volume 1 Issue 6 Abby's Mag is published six times a year (every other month) by Abby's Health and Nutrition and Abbys Mag: 14374 N. Dale Mabry Tampa, FL 33618 P: (813) 264-4400. Via e-mail: Subscription rates are $18.00 per year. For New Subscriptions and Address Change inquire at: Abbys Mag c/o Peter Kaye 14374 N. Dale Mabry Tampa, FL 33618 We do not make our mailing list available to other companies. 27 – How to Build up your Child's Immune System The health content in Abby's Mag is intended to inform, not prescribe or advise, and is not meant to be a substitute for the advice and 28 – GMO Update nutrition professional. 30 – Your Pet's Immune System We appreciate your comments and feedback, send by email to: Cover Photograph © Taiga - Page 4 | Abby's Magazine -

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