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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 14 Issue 5 | 5 By Mark DiPietro Chasing a Starting Issue 2007 Harley Davidson Fatboy: This is a starting problem. Usually at the first morning start or a start up after the bike has set without the engine running all day it will start fine. However, if the bike has been started and rode even a short distance the next attempt to start there is a loud clattering noise around the starter area and several tries will be needed to start the bike. Each cranking will be accompanied by this loud noise. It sounds like the starter drive, which I had replaced. I have also had the ring gear assembly checked and no teeth were missing. This hard starting problem has been researched by my mechanic and he cannot find the cause. I have talked to other riders of this model and have witnessed this problem on a few other Fatboys. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Make sure you are using a known good, quality battery. Your ring gear can have all of its teeth but still be excessively worn. Also, need a good starter gear on your jackshaft. Bike Turns On and Lights Turn Off I turn on my bike and the headlights, taillights, and fog lights go off. I have a 1992 FLH Electra Glide Ultra Classic. Any idea of what is going on? Either your Harley is wired wrong, or you are tripping a breaker as a result of a dead short. When you turn on your ignition switch, listen to see if you hear the "click" of a breaker tripping. Determine which breaker is tripping an inspect everything that is powered from it. Try unplugging your headlight. Then turn on the ignition switch. See if the problem still exists. Engine Skips We have a skip in the engine after warming up just at a constant speed. If you throttle up it goes away, until you get to a constant speed again. About to pull my hair out (ouch), any help please. Be sure to always use premium fuel. Start simple. Check for trouble codes. Check your spark plug condition & gap. Check your spark plug wires. You may want to perform a fuel pressure test. Clutch and Brake Applied to Start All of a sudden, I can't start the engine in any position (with the clutch fully disengaged, of course) except Neutral. It didn't used to be like this, that is, I could start the engine in any gear (clutch depressed). Not only is it a pain to be the last out of the gas station while I try to find neutral, but I've seen a couple of situations where safety has been compromised because things were happening around me fast enough that I should be getting out of there (e.g., close call at a stop light, being goaded into clearing the gas pump by the car behind, etc.), fast. I can't be the only rider who has this problem, can I? What can I do to adjust the 'what', idle switch? Thanks for your time. You have to have the clutch lever pulled in and brake applied to start in gear on your year/model. TECH Q&A By Fix My HOG

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