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20 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #69 Hey, welcome back to Shop Talk with Pastor Jim. This is my 1972 Shovelhead that I absolutely love. My good friend Billy Lane put this bike together and made it. And I tell you, there's nothing like riding these older bikes. It's just, I don't know, man. It's just it's out of control. It's so much fun to do it. But I want to talk to you today about taking something "Old to New" old and making it new, because this is exactly what happened. The tins on here are 1959-1960 and, with a little work, a little fire, and a little elbow grease, man, it made it to something new again. Something that could be ridden. This bike has been sitting for a while and now it's up. It's back on the road. It's the very same thing that God wants to do to you and to me. He wants to take something that's old, that has been in sin, that has been following our own way or following what the world has to offer. And listen, God has something new in store for you. You may be in a season right now that maybe it just feels like, man, nothing's ever going to change. Nothing is ever going to be better than what I'm stuck in here. I'm stuck in the quicksand. I'm stuck in the mud. And I am telling you, no matter where you're at right now, God is waiting and wanting to do something in your life. I'm asking you to give it to Him. Let go of it. Seek what He has for you. Get with other believers, have them pray with you and over you. Get involved in the church. Get involved with people who are going to walk with you. Here at Journey Biker Church, we say, "Life is a journey, let's ride together!" And that's what we need to be doing. It's what scripture talks about, but when you pray it, pray it out loud. Let people know. Let God know that you are trusting Him, in Him alone, to get you through the season you're in. I'm telling you: with God, it doesn't mean we don't go through rough times, but it means that we have a Savior and that we're going to make it through. Until next time, keep your eyes on him. We'll see you soon. Pastor Jim Shop Talk with Pastor Shop Talk with Pastor Jim Jim By Pastor Jim O'Brien Journey Biker Church Rushing Wind Ministries & Bikers for Christ Rushing Wind Ministries & Bikers for Christ M / M M / M Intl. Intl.

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