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Our children are getting older. It's a fact. If you have had the opportunity to be at our children's home, and meet some of the little kids in the past, those little kids might not be so little anymore. One of the things we are navigating is how to successfully transition our older children into young adulthood, and we really want to do that well. To be honest, this is not a step that many children's homes do well or even do at all. But this transition is critical to the success of our children, so it's something that we're committed to perfecting. A couple of years ago, four of our older children moved off of our children's home campus and into two host homes. One for the boys, one for the girls. These host homes serve as transition homes for these young adults as they complete their schooling and learn the life skills necessary to move from childhood to adulthood. We are thankful for this opportunity for them to continue to grow scholastically and challenge themselves to learn new skills that will benefit them as they continue to grow. Transition Home Your partnership is making a huge impact on these young adults. It provides them the opportunity to thrive, grow, dream and plan for a bright future. Please join us in praying for these four as they consider the path God would have them follow.

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