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We believe the first level of care provided to the children starts with the nannies. The nannies are the ones who know the children, care for them, teach them, guide them, and love them. They sit with the kids on their laps, hug them, feed them, wipe their tears, and make them laugh. Our nannies stay up at night with the kids that are sick or when they have a nightmare and the ones who organize games and celebrations. They are imperative to the mission of Children's Hope. We have 44 nannies on staff. Our ratio of children to nannies is 3 to 1 and, in some special cases, 1 to 1. This is unprecedented across Haiti. All nannies have been trained in Trauma Competent Care. This gives them the awareness, preparation, and tools to guide these children through the trauma they may have received. Keeping everyone on the same page and focused on the needs of each child, the nannies conduct weekly meetings to brainstorm ideas to help children that are struggling. The nannies work collaboratively with our on- staff nurse and psychologist to ensure the children's physical and mental health is prioritized and in good condition. 44 nannies. That's a lot. We are aware that we have the best nanny-to-child ratio in the entire country and we believe it is in the best interest of the children to receive that kind of attention. Because of our nannies' investment in the children, we have seen enormous success. Nannies Caring for the Children 44 Child to Nanny Ratio (in most cases) 3:1 Child to Nanny Ratio (in special cases) 1:1

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