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Andy Birchfield Founder Children's Hope Sometimes, it feels like our world is passing us by at 100 miles per hour, and it's hard to see the amazing things that God is doing. It is important to stop and reflect and see the many things He is doing and the things He has done. When we see the cost of goods skyrocket at break-neck speed, when food becomes so scarce in stores we have to drive to the next town to make a purchase, when fuel is not available, when a threat of cholera looms in the community, it is easy to focus on the challenge of that specific day. Our proactive plans can quickly turn into an emergency response and it is in moments like these, we can lose sight of the things that God is doing on a daily basis. This Impact Report shows the remarkable ways God is using Children's Hope through the chaos. I am awestruck to see His faithfulness to children in the children's home, through the constant dedication of the nannies, the teachers, the tutors, and the nurses; it is truly remarkable to see how God continues to provide and bless our precious kids. It blesses me to see His faithfulness as we begin to transition some of the children to adulthood. That's a big step, not just for those four young adults, but for us too. I'm amazed by the work that is happening in the clinic, the number of lives in the community that we have been able to touch is amazing. It is also incredible to see the way God is moving in some of the other ministries we have as well; the feeding programs, the work that we were able to do with refugees, the Bible training that's happening as we equip and encourage pastors to share the gospel. He is doing so many things, and I am humbled and grateful that He allows us to be a part. It is good to look back, to reflect and to report. It helps us to recognize the things that have been done, but I want to let you know how excited I am about the future as well. I am excited to have Maria Zacharias as our Executive Director. She has been such a critical part of this ministry as the Haiti Site Director. Her dedication to the children and staff is relentless, and her passion for the mission of Children's Hope is evident in the things she does each and every day. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Children's Hope under her leadership. This report is designed to show the impact your support has had on the lives of many in Haiti. With summaries, stories and numbers, we have tried to convey the massive impact you are having through your continued, generous support. Words can't express how grateful I am for that. Together, we have persisted through an extremely challenging time to minister in Haiti, and the impact that your continued support has had on me, personally, is immeasurable. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 3:14 God Bless You, Andy Birchfield

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