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In July of 2021, our staff became aware of an impending need. Hundreds of people were fleeing Haiti's capital, Port Au Prince, in order to escape the rising violence in their neighborhoods. These individuals and families had made their way to our community and were setting up temporary shelter in local soccer stadiums. Concerned for the safety of these families, especially those with children, our staff alerted us to this new ministry need and we were able to locate 13 available rental homes in the mountains surrounding Jacmel. Our Haitian team worked to identify 17 families to occupy these homes. Because of your partnership, we were able to provide safe housing for the 90+ individuals that made up these refugee families from July 2021 to September 2022. We were also able to provide a once-a-month food distribution to these precious people. We worked with these families to determine their next steps as we approached the one-year anniversary of our involvement with them. You made a major impact in the lives of these families by providing food and a safe place to call home during their desperate time of need. Together, we are making a significant difference despite the difficulty of the present moment in Haiti. Gangs are using violent tactics to control neighborhoods. Citizens of gang controlled areas are fleeing to other parts of the country to protect their families Refugees Refugees Given Safe Housing 90+ Families Served 17 Homes Provided as Shelter 13 Meals Provided in a Year 1160+

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