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6 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #66 Our mission is: To educate and entertain the motorcycle enthusiast, promote motorcycle riding through media with a motorcycle magazine that has a posi ve message and worthy to be read by all, free from content that is offensive while glorifying God. #MERICA Have you recently traveled through rural America? I have. I traveled from Florida to Alabama and then to Mississippi. The back roads in the south are very different than the back roads in the West and the Northeast. But the American spirit is the same. American flags on the front porches, kids playing in the yards, a farmer on a tractor, pick-up trucks and American made motorcycles coming toward you every few minutes. That is the American spirit of freedom. Mom and pop shops, lumber yards, independently owned hardware stores, churches, breakfast restaurants and barbecue joints are a lot of what you see, that is #Merica. Once in a while you see a motorcycle shop, or a Harley-Davidson dealer, and when you pull in the gas station to fill up, you encounter friendly folks you can easily start a conversation with. If you're on a motorcycle and especially if you're wearing a Christian vest the questions begin and are followed by a conversation about that vest. That is #Merica. You see trucks pulling trailers with every 4x4 or watercraft on them you can imagine. You see people filling up their 4x4 and when finished filling up their truck, they will fill up whatever beast is on the trailer. The truck always has some patriotic theme going from an American flag to a complete vehicle wrap. That is #Merica. If you happen to go into the store at the gas station/ convenient store, strangers are talking about anything and everything, from the weather to their travels and their point of destinations, to sports. And if you happen to use the restrooms, you'll still see MEN and WOMEN signs on the doors, where you will not be confused what door to open. Where you will not have to worry about who's going to walk in on your wife or daughter. Where even restaurants restrooms are the way God intended men and women to be. Because that's #Merica. So, on your next road trip, take time to enjoy this beautiful country that God has blessed us with. The beautiful roads and scenery that He personally painted for you and me. Smile at someone because you live in the best country on God's green earth. If you come across someone in need, lend a helping hand and love your neighbor. Buy someone lunch, give him a few dollars, with the Holy Spirit leading you ask them to pray for them. God will give you the words to say the right thing because that's #Merica. It's about the combat veteran (displayed on his hat) that you notice when you get in the elevator of your hotel after a long day. He notices your vest and asks about it, and after you share, you thank him for his service. Only to get a reply back "thank you for caring!" Because that's #Merica. Only to just happen to run into him in the parking lot the next morning and after the good morning exchange, you ask him if it's OK to pray with him. With a surprising look he agrees. You have no idea what to pray but God takes over. After praying you say goodbye with a firm handshake to the stranger you just paid for that risked his life for your freedom, because that's #Merica. You start the bike, and that rumble takes over your thoughts as you take off. As you ride by him one last time, you shout a "Thank you again and God Bless You Sir!" He shouts the same back and stands firm giving you a salute. BECAUSE THAT'S #MERICA! So, this year, this riding season, make a point to get out of your comfort zone and be the American that the rest of the world wants to be! We the Peopleā€¦ Peter "Spartan" Kaye Burn Rubber Not Your Soul! #Merica #WheelsOfGrace

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