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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 14 Issue 2 | 25 LAW OFFICES Statewide www.SharkSquadMotorcycleAttorneys.com 800-319-3573 Proudly supporting our military, 24/7 Free MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEYS Hollywood Dave: Hey Rob, what are some of the major factors that affect a se lement? Rob "The Shark": The number one and most important factor in assessing the value of your se lement is whether or not you follow the instruc ons of your a orney. Here's the thing, if you are calling us and you're injured, your a orney will take their me and set you up with a doctor, set you up with the best medical treatment out there, with experts, MRI, whatever is needed to iden fy your injuries. Please follow our instruc ons. If you do that, that is the key to success. It's very simple, this is about teamwork. You're injured. We set you up with the doctors. We'll get the best treatment for your injuries. That allows us to fight for the highest amount possible under the circumstances. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: If I'm in an accident, what happens to my bike? Rob "The Shark": The first thing they are going to do is take your bike and put it in an impound lot under the law. They're not going to take your bike where you want it to go. Now many people don't know they are going to charge you a daily storage fee, a towing fee, etc. Probably around 70 or 80 bucks a day. By the me you figure out what's going on with your bike or where it's at, you owe 300 or 400 bucks. Now you don't have the money to get the bike out or it's difficult for you. Before you know it, 3 or 4 days go by and you get a lien no ce. Bye-Bye Bike. The first thing we are going to do for you is iden fy where the bike is located. We will make sure it gets out of there. We will contact the insurance company and get them out there. Get them to pay that tow bill to get the bike out and to a safe place where it won't incur addi onal fees. If you don't want to lose your bike, that's what has to be done. That's our first priority, your motorcycle. We know how much it means to you. Hollywood Dave: I feel a lot be er knowing Shark Squad is on the case. Hollywood Dave: Rob, what is involved in inves ga ng an accident? Rob "The Shark": Inves ga on is everything, especially in cases with a dispute in liability. If there's a lot of evidence, like skid marks, or just imagine everything possible to screw up your case is out there, the insurance company is spending a lot of me and money throwing their inves gators out there to frame the case against you. We'll have our own team of inves gators. We send them out. These guys are fast to the scene, do their measurements, take their photos, and help us build up your case. I know the insurance companies are doing that as we speak in some of our cases. So, rest assured we have the best inves gators out there, working hard on your case. Hollywood Dave: Sounds like informa on that every client should know. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood Dave: I know Shark Squad is great with motorcycles, but what if I'm hit in a car? Rob "The Shark": Obviously we specialize in motorcycle accidents and obviously there's leverage in those cases. However, we have wonderful a orneys who also deal with automobile cases, extremely aggressively and you can call them Sharks as well. If God forbid you had an auto accident, give us a call. We will fight the case just as hard as we fight our motorcycle cases. Hollywood Dave: Wow, Glad you guys are there in all cases. SHARK BITES by Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys SHARK BITES Remember Shark Squad is always riding by your side. Call us: Office: 800-319-3573 Cell: 818-439-9137 www.SharkSquadMotorcycleA orneys.com WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 14 Issue 2 | 25

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