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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 14 Issue 2 | 23 By Mark DiPietro Hard Start and Backfire I have a custom bike and it has a 1995 Harley engine, Sportster 883. The problem is the bike is very hard to start, and it coughs or backfires from the carburetor and sometimes from the exhaust. Do you think it's the carburetor? I live in Denver Colorado thin air and high altitude. Check for an intake leak. You may need to replace your intake seals. Might be time to refresh the carb. H-D Compensators I keep hearing all this noise about inferior compensators on HDs. Did they fix this problem or am I going to have problems with mine in the future? I currently have 17500 miles on my 2013 and so far, so good. Your 2013 should have the, updated, S.E compensator. Unfortunately, I have read about people having problems with those as well. It is best to just be aware. If something does not sound right, or something changes (in your drive); discontinue riding until you can thoroughly inspect. Lubing Pivot Points I would like to know what lube you use for pivot points that's in the spray can and also what type of anti-seize for the spark plugs. Also, what to lubricate clutch cable with please and do I need to adjust clutch pack at every service? Thank you! We use a quality penetrating Lube and Loctite anti-seize. No, it is not necessary to adjust the clutch pack at every service. Adjust at every major service, or whenever you change your primary fluid and are already in that area. By Dennis Santopietro Intermittent Starting Problem My 1983 FLHT has an intermittent starting problem, she will lay down on me and not start till she cools off. I took her to a mech friend of mine, and he replaced the voltage regulator because he said it was smoking. I rode 14 miles and she coughed, backfired, and said "no mas" I pushed her home and put her to bed, the next day I hit the start button and she came alive, she is all original except for the tires … What do you think? ~ Ben Ben, 1983, I believe still has main breaker on the side of the oil tank, under the cover on the right side. Remove breaker from clip, install new breaker and leave loose away from clip and oil tank. Ride with side cover off for added cooling, if this solves all the problems relocate to the leading edge of the rear fender under the seat. Let me know if that is not the correct breaker location. Wrench Safe, FMH Starting Problems 2006 FLSTCI I have a starting problem 2006 FLSTCI and just put a 95 big bore kit in with SE 211 cams and now the bike will not start. Trouble shooting, we found it has no spark. It had a power commander 3 USB in it, and I removed that and still nothing. Any suggestions? The Power Commander only modifies the signal sent from the ECM. Chances are the ECM has burnt out, from what it is impossible to say. When a scanalizer is plugged in, does it show any codes? TECH Q&A By Fix My HOG OUR ADVERTISING SERVICES INCLUDE: • Prayer for your Business, Ministry, or Church • Advertisement in Printed Magazine • Advertisement in Digital Magazine (E-Mag) • Advertisement in Blast Emails • Advertisements on Social Media • Promotions in Handlebar News emailed to 7900 of our readers • Your Marketing Materials mailed to our Readers at No Cost • Your Logo / Patch included in our Email Signature • Compliments of YOUR BUSINESS' / MINISTRY'S / CHURCH'S name labels on the Cover of Magazines • Complimentary Web Banner with 1 year Commitment ($600 value) • Complimentary Magazines mailed to you and to different locations you designate Our readers and your customers receive printed magazines, digital magazines and Handlebar News (Biker News). Your advertisement is promoted regularly in many different ways. Email us at info@WheelsOfGrace.com to acquire information. ADVERTISE IN WHEELS OF GRACE CHAPLAINCY SERVICES PROFESSIONAL, TRAINED, AND AVAILABLE 24/7 TO YOUR COMPANY. CONTACT TFC GLOBAL AT INFO@TFCGLOBAL.ORG OR 717-426-9977.

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