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Page 12 | Abby's Magazine | Abby's store in Carrollwood is celebrating 25 years of relieving stress, improving health and increasing the resilience of countless individuals and families. I say that because when customers are intentional about improving their health... there is a very real sense of contentment knowing you're doing your part...which relieves stress. When we are stressed, the immune system's ability to fight off antigens is reduced. That is why we are more susceptible to infections. The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system (e.g., lowers the number of lymphocytes). Simply psychology Finally, the newest findings on social stress underscore the value of good friends; even just a few close friends can help someone feel connected and stay strong. Social ties may indirectly strengthen immunity because friends - at least health-minded friends -- can encourage good health behaviors such as eating, sleeping and exercising well. Good friends also help to buffer the stress of negative events. American Psychological Assoc. Abby's legacy, Abby's Organic Community Farm in Lutz is celebrating over 7 years of changing lives. We currently are at capacity serving over 80 families learning how to grow their own healthy organic food, while being outdoors in nature and enjoying the wonderful community of other likeminded people... talk about a stress reliever!!! Additionally, we are serving over 500 students, parents and teachers each spring and fall for our exciting field trips and Nature Labs. We know teaching this next generation the value (and habit) of being outdoors, growing food, exercising and living a more sustainable lifestyle will pay huge health dividends in the future. So we like to say being at the farm is one of the healthiest initiatives you can do during these crazy times... being outdoors, enjoying nature, working with your hands, giving your mind a break, exercising and enjoying community with other health minded folks... the natural immune builder! The release of this magazine is scheduled to coincide with the holiday season and the beginning of the new year. I would like to encourage you to include Abby's Farm in your holiday or year-end giving and your 2023 giving as well. What we have accomplished over the last seven years was only possible because of the kind and generous hearts of families and businesses that believe we are making a difference in the community. We are extremely grateful... but have a lot more to do... more projects to start... and more families and students to serve. Giving and being a part of something famous in your community is easy: Go to abbysfarm. org and tap "about", then tap "Donate" ...and suddenly you are a friend of the farm!!! If you prefer, you can donate by dropping off a check at Abby's store in Carrollwood or by making an appointment at the farm in Lutz to see how your donation is being used. In any event, thank you in advance for your consideration and have a lovely Holiday season and a blessed and prosperous New Year. 19420 US Hwy 41 N, Lutz, FL 33549 h p:// (813) 393-6039 A Healthy Habit… that's Stress Free! A Healthy Habit… that's Stress Free!

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