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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 13 Issue 4 | 7 TECH Q&A By Fix My HOG By Mark DiPietro Going to change cams lifters and pushrods but when I pulled the clips off for pushrod covers, they do not slide up. Are they supposed to slide up after pulling the clip out or do I have to do something to free them up are they just stuck and need some elbow grease? I have not turned the motor to top dead center or anything I just pulled the clips to look at things, but the tubes don't slide. 14 HD Ultra classic. The chrome tube will slide up. The middle o-ring is likely dry & giving you the resistance. Slide up the chrome spring cover, the spring, & the thin metal washer. Then, you can either spray the o-ring with penetrating lube or you can use a small pick to pull it upwards. I have a 2003 Dyna Superglide. My problem is that when I hit the throttle, it tends to choke sometimes. Also what do you recommend to do if you have not ridden a bike for 7 months? If you haven't ridden for a while, make sure you are starting off with fresh fuel. At least 93 octane pump gas. If your throttle response is not good, check for an intake leak; or, your carb may be due to be cleaned. We have a skip in the engine after warming up just at a constant speed. If you throttle up it goes away, until you get to a constant speed again. About to pull my hair out (ouch), any help please. Be sure to always use premium fuel. Start simple. Check for trouble codes. Check your spark plug condition & gap. Check your spark plug wires. You may want to perform a fuel pressure test. By Dennis Santopietro I recently joined FMH, I presently own a 1999 Heritage Softail and am having difficulty with the Clutch shifting into neutral and it is very hard to shift I have already tried adjusting the shifter cable and I tried to adjust the clutch pack per your video what else can I check to resolve this problem? Check your shift linkage. Make sure it is set up correctly and not binding in any way. Also, check your shift pawl adjustment. Disconnect your shift linkage from the transmission shift arm. Shift the transmission into 3rd gear. You should have equal spring resistance when you push slightly forward on the lever, as you do pushing slightly back on the lever. Available Now Take the Journey with Pastor Monty Van Horn Get your copy at: www.vhmi.org

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