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WheelsOfGrace.com | Volume 13 Issue 4 | 17 It was a cool week in April, providing the perfect riding weather. Eddie Campos (from Eddie Campos Photography) and I left Southern California on Sunday afternoon and planned to be there before dark. Six to seven hours ride and one hour time difference put us at our Air B & B a little after 9pm. The owner and host, in his eighties was an ex-motorcycle rider and was waiting for us. He opened the garage door for us to pull in the bikes and greeted us like long last friends. Tired from the ride we hit the sack before we can say good night. The next morning, we woke up early to get on the road and we could not believe the weather! We were in Phoenix, Arizona but felt like we were riding in Oceanside, California with sunny and mid 70's on the screen. We met Ari Levenbaum COO of Law Tigers and rode to Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation headquarters. The Golden Rule was built in 2020-2021 and Paul built it for the same reason he builds all the Bagger Nation bikes: ingenuity, challenge, innovation, and perfection. From front to back and top to bottom, you can see the detail and the long hours that was put into this built. Before we had much time to admire the latest piece of art by Paul, we were on the road. Paul leading on The Golden Rule, Ari second on the Tiger Glide (also a Paul built, was featured in a previous issue of WOG magazine), Eddie and I riding behind them through the streets of Phoenix. A privilege and an honor indeed but, let me say that I am glad I believe in God. Because these guys can ride! We rode to a mountainous location in North Phoenix and spent some time taking photos and then we headed to lunch. Paul Yaffe was born in 1963, and is a reality television star and motorcycle builder, who rose to fame as a main star of the reality television series "Biker Battleground Phoenix" (2014) and "Biker Build Off" (2003) broadcast on the History channel. Yaffe has been known for working with motorcycles since the 1980s. He has been known as a motorcycle builder in Arizona for the last 30 years; he is nicknamed The Governor. Thirty plus years later Yaffe is one of the most if not the most respected builder in the business. Without a doubt he is the only one that has lasted over thirty years and is still at the top of his game. What is not known is that Yaffe had an interest in motorcycles since he was a kid. And although Yaffe does not reveal much about his private life, we definitely had favor as he opened up to us and Wheels Of Grace. Paul had humble beginnings that took him from Los Angeles California to Phoenix Arizona. Adopted by a family, he lived in Los Angeles from the age of four until he was 27 years old when he moved to Phoenix. Prior to attending motorcycle mechanic school, he had several jobs from bouncing in L.A. clubs to designing women's Italian designer shoes to. Maybe that is where the quality and the perfection in his builds came from. Yaffe's teenage years are wild fueled by drugs and alcohol. Following that lifestyle, Yaffe got sober and stayed sober for twenty years. Today he enjoys an occasional beer or glass of wine. While he was attending motorcycle mechanic's school with his longtime friend Jack Gould that still works with Yaffe, they would buy from California Highway Patrol auctions Harley-Davidson FXRP motorcycles, ride them back to Phoenix in the middle of the night and PAUL YAFFE & PAUL YAFFE & THE GOLDEN RULE THE GOLDEN RULE

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