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8 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #60 When we're enjoying the freedom of a motorcycle on the open road, it gives us an unmatched sense of freedom. A er all, as well-trained riders using good gear, we've taken great lengths to cover our tails in case something happens. However, the reality is that you're not the only one to worry about on the road – there are reckless drivers, road condi ons, and unforeseen mechanical issues which contribute to motorcycle crashes. It's be er to be informed and cau ous, so we took a look at what percentage of motorcycle riders get in accidents, as well as how you can proac vely prevent yourself from being in one… What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Get in Accidents? The answer to this ques on varies by year and loca on, but the Na onal Highway Traffic Safety Administra on annually reports on these sta s cs. Over 14% of the accidents that involved a fatality (roughly 5,000+ each year since 2019) were a ributed to motorcycles – a rate that is far higher than other vehicle types. Addi onally, it is an es mate that may run lower than reality, as many motorcycle accidents go unreported. This is due to the rate of single-vehicle crashes (the type of accident that goes most unreported) being highest in motorcycle riding as well. Motorcycle Accident Rate While the exact percentage of motorcycle riders that get in accidents is difficult to pinpoint, we do have some definite data regarding motorcycle crashes: MOTORCYCLE INJURY STATISTICS • Motorcycle injuries and crash rates have declined since 2016. • The majority of motorcycle injuries occur in good weather on urban roads. • Nearly 41% of motorcycle rider deaths are without helmets. • Over 30% of motorcycle fatali es in 2019 were from unlicensed riders. By Law Tigers What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Get in Accidents? Available Now Take the Journey with Pastor Monty Van Horn Get your copy at: www.vhmi.org

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