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24 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #60 I was a client due to a motorcycle accident. Highest recommenda on! I don't know how to start this. Ge ng into a motorcycle accident is one of the most painful both emo onal and physical experiences I have ever been through. Finding a great lawyer is almost like wining the lo ery. My girlfriend started searching online and spoke with a few lawyers. A er many disappointments, we finally found Vetchtein and Associates. Brandon answered the call, and what an amazing, professional, and highly responsive guy. Right away we liked him. Brandon promised to have Robert, who was in court to call ASAP. Of course, I thought it would take a day or so, but within less than 1 hour Robert Vetchtein called. Wow! What a relief. Robert is compassionate, professional, knowledgeable. He represented me like it was him who was hurt. I believe I got the best representa on, the best result in a very short me. I hope I will never need Robert's services again, but I recommend him to anyone. Thank you for everything. And God bless you guys. Dror A. It was a relief to have Robert Vetchtein represent my case that was extremely complicated and emo onally straining. I can't say enough about all the help and personal a en on I got from Mr. Vetchtein. He was always accessible and would return my calls almost immediately. I felt he was proac ve on my case and relayed all news and ongoing informa on back to me, which I felt was a big relief. I think that knowing the statues of my case always were a big plus. But what I was mostly happy with was my se lement, which I felt was, not only fair but also was nego ated to the fullest. Thank you. Will B. Robert Vetchein is the best a orney! I would strongly recommend to family friends anyone in general in need of an a orney. I have a SHARK TALES lot of trust and confidence in him; he won't let you down you. I can guarantee you that 100%. He is the one to go with. Very professional and outstanding! I would rate him 10+ more if I could! Alex C. I consulted with several law firms out there. I chose the Law offices of Vetchtein & Associates for the following reasons below: 1. CARING, UNDERSTANDING and extremely HELPFUL. Ge ng into an accident can be a very trauma c and scary experience. You're scared, injured, and don't know where to turn to. Knowing the laws and your rights can also be very confusing. Many a orneys will make false promises to you, and you don't know whom to trust. I remember my first conversa on with Robert Vetchtein. I was emo onally upset and scared. He was able to calm me down and reassure me that I was going to be OK and that everything was going to be OK. It wasn't about the money with him. It was about my wellbeing and pu ng me first. My decision to hire him was based on a sense of trust, reassurance and being protected. 2. AGGRESSIVE LAW FIRM This is an aggressive law firm who will take on anyone and fight the fight for you. You always think "let's hire the biggest law firms because they are the most aggressive", but that is not always the case. Vetchtein and Associates are hardcore in deposi ons, and they will never nego ate a deal without consul ng with you. They will never back down. Most importantly they are honest and trustworthy and have your back. Take what you want from my review, but if you are ever in a bad situa on, it won't hurt to call them for their advice. I was very happy with the outcome of my case, and I am forever grateful to Robert and his team. Mark C. Call us: Office: 800-319-3573 Cell: 818-439-9137 SHARK TALES by Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys 24 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #60

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