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20 | WheelsOfGrace.com | #60 By Steve Merrill Onramp Onramp to the 316 Highway We've all heard something like that in many places. This one, "With Harley- Davidson Life is a Journey, Not a Destination", was from an online ad in March of 2016. And in many ways, this is spot on. It's even more of a journey when you go two-up. As you likely know, riding two-up is totally different from taking the journey solo. You've got to consider many things, including the weight capacity of your bike with an extra person. If that extra person happens to be female, you must allow for an additional… so many pounds of lady mystery stuff' – things she must have in order to go anywhere. Add in her weight (hint: don't ask. Just estimate it to be 115 pounds!) how much greater stopping distance is needed, the riding skill level of your passenger, etc. You'll find yourself saying things like "Lean with me, baby!", "No, you don't have to put your feet down", "I must concentrate; stop talking so much, please", and "What? You just went to the bathroom twenty miles ago"! Two-up riding is a journey indeed! An indisputable fact of motorcycle riding is WITH HARLEY- DAVIDSON LIFE IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION this; you will always remember the rides you take. If you do the same thing in a cage, you'll forget, with a side-order of "Ho Hum" If you go two-up you'll not only remember the ride, but you'll also have a running record of your operational competence. "You could have made that turn better" – "That wasn't your best stop" – "Slow down" – "What time will we be home?" – "Do you even know where we are?" – "I'm going to nod off a bit." Small wonder solo riding is so popular. But you also remember why you fell in love with her in the first place! Being part of a Motorcycle Ministry, we are never truly alone. There are brothers on the road, at gas stops, at church even in bars, ready to lend an ear, lend a tool, or swap favorite stories about the visible scars from riding. Such is the joy of it all; that's what it's all about! While you're riding the world's most popular motorcycle, have you given thought to reading the world's most popular Book, the Bible? It's been estimated that nearly four billion copies of it have been printed and distributed in the last 50 years. Maybe you started but got to the place where everyone is begetting the next generation with all those foreign names and gave up. Here's the cure for that reading roadside break down; it's in a letter from the Apostle Paul to a group of churches having trouble figuring out what the Bible was actually saying. He wrote, "Now the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed." He does not say, "And to seeds," as referring to many, but rather to one, "And to your seed," that is, Christ. – Galatians 3:16. Like a Harley shop manual, there's lots to understand in that simple statement, but what's obvious is this; it's all about Jesus! If you're riding solo through some Bible passage, and you just don't get it, ask Him to reveal Himself to you in it. He will! Just like it would be a waste to ride somewhere and miss the journey, don't go through life, and miss this; it's all about Jesus! It really doesn't matter if you're on or off the main highway. If you're looking for Jesus, you'll find Him. If you're refusing to look, you'll miss Him every time! Milepost 9 on the Highway

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